User Submitted Review: Edward’s Bargain-Basement Rolex Replica

Rolex Daytona Replica Gold Looks Decent for a Second-Hand Watch

If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably have already picked up that I have a big passion for Rolex replica watches and I always jump at the opportunity to buy one. Well a few weeks ago I received an email for one of the blog’s readers telling me a very interesting story about a dirt-cheap replica Rolex Daytona he managed to acquire at an incredibly low-price. To be frank whole account sounds a bit outlandish, but I’m going to tell Edward himself tell us story with his own words.

I’ve been a fan of Rolex watches ever since I can remember, but like most of us I don’t make enough money at my day job, as to be able to spend thousands of dollars on a watch. To be frank I think even paying €400 – €500 for a replica is a bit too much, go ahead and call me cheap if you like.  Anyway, so when the opportunity presented itself and someone close to me offered to sell me a replica Rolex Daytona for €40, I agreed to buy it without thinking twice. Before you say anything, yes the watch is basically second-hand. It has been worn before, but you know what? I wanted a trial version of the Rolex experience and this is what I got. At an incredibly low price. The guy told me he had ordered the product from, but they don’t appear to be selling this particular golden replica Rolex Daytona anymore, so I can’t be sure.

The Rolex replica features 21j movement and the sub dials are obviously not accurate to the chronograph. As it is quite noticeable in the pictures, the gold doesn’t look to great, the bracelet definitely looks quite cheap. Overall, the watch gets smudgy pretty fast but that can easily be fixed with a cleaning cloth. But overall let me tell you that the watch works just fine, despite having some history under the belt. I’ve been reading some of your reviews, Thomas, and you always seem to complain about how you seem to receive brand new watches with defects such as peeling off bezel marks and such. Luckily my €40 Rolex doesn’t have such a problem. So, although some of you might argue my Rolex replica looks quite brass, I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

Check Out the Back on This Rolex Daytona Fake

Thanks Edward for sharing your story with us. Remember a few weeks ago I was pretty surprised to find a replica watch website which sold all its products for under $100. Imagine my astonishment when I heard Edward’s story about the €40 Rolex. I have to admit the whole story sounds a bit dubious, but maybe it’s just me.

Edward’s email also got me curious about this webstore – but sadly they don’t seem to be shipping outside Germany and Austria, so I won’t be able to verify the quality of their products for myself. The website looks clean and well-designed so in normal circumstances I would have high hopes about the Rolex replica watches being sold here. Also I noticed they normally sell a Rolex replica for around €245, so it seems puzzling why the seller choose to lower the rate and sell the watch for only $40.

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