New Rolex Submariner No-Date Reference 114060

IN-DEPTH: The New Rolex Submariner No-Date Reference 114060

The Rolex Submariner.  Arguably the most recognized, respected, and clandestinely reproduced wristwatch of the 20th (and 21st) century.

Wthin the almost 60 year span of the ultimate dive watch’s reign as the king of cool (yes, the actual king of cool wore one, too), the purest example of the Submariner – those that the purists among us often seek out, purchase, and wear the crap out of, are those without a date window.  The “no date” Sub is the realest of the real.

This year at Basel World 2012, Rolex introduced a brand new dateless Submariner, the reference 114060.  But what is different about the new Sub, when from 30,000 feet, it looks just like the 14060 that we loved so dearly? Well, it has a slightly redesigned case (still 40mm), a new bezel, and a new bracelet.

New Rolex Submariner No-Date Reference 114060
New Rolex Submariner No-Date Reference 114060

First, the case: Rated to a depth of 300 metres (1,000 feet), the middle case is crafted from a solid block of a corrosive-resistant 904L steel. The fluted case back is hermetically screwed down with a special tool exclusive to Rolex watchmakers. The winding crown, fitted with the patented TRIPLOCK triple waterproofness system, screws down securely against the case in a manner akin to a submarine’s hatch. It is protected by a crown guard that is an integral part of the middle case.

New Rolex Submariner No-Date Reference 114060
New Rolex Submariner No-Date Reference 114060


Then the bezel: Like the Submariner of 2010 and the GMT-Master II, the new no-date Sub has a bezel of Cerachom, which is virtually scratchproof and completely resistant to fading and corosion.  The graduations in the bezel are actually PVD coated with platinum, and the dial and hands are filled with Chromalight to emit a long-lasting blue glow.

And the bracelet: This SUBMARINER is fitted with a solid-link OYSTER bracelet in 904L steel. It features a new-generation OYSTERLOCK safety clasp and glidelock extension system. The patented systam, located beneath the clasp cover, allows fine adjustments of the bracelet length in 2 mm increments for a total of approximately 20 mm – without using any tools. This allows the watch to be worn over a diving suit up to 3 mm thick and provides additional comfort in any circumstance.

New Rolex Submariner No-Date Reference 114060
New Rolex Submariner No-Date Reference 114060

The new no-date Sub uses the excellent Rolex caliber 3130 featuring a parachrom hairspring and power reserve of 48 hours.  The reference 114060 Submariner will retail for $7100 when it hits AD’s later this year.

What you should know about fake Rolex?

Before diving out on an online replica watch shop that offers affordable fake Rolex, there are certain things that one should consider first.

1. Why do people buy fake Rolex?

There are a lot of reasons why fake Rolex collectors prefer buying the replica versions than the authentic ones. An enthusiastic watch collector ones have said that fake Rolex are crafted by knowledgeable, dexterous, and most of all highly detail-oriented experts who devote for hours of scrutinizing the original version and devote themselves just to ensure the accuracy of replication of original Rolex watches. In addition to that, these replica watches craftsmen also have access to the same machines that are utilized in creating the original ones, these experts talented enough to duplicate even these apparatuses. But there is a lot more than the dexterity of the experts and their identical machines, it is still necessary for them to use the finest materials that have the same appeal to the eyes of everyone, especially for the potential wearer of these fake Rolex watches.

fake rolex
fake rolex

As a result, the craftsmen could achieve the quality they have meticulously worked for. Everyone could hardly notice the difference between the fake Rolex and the authentic versions in terms of their aesthetics. Precise reproduction is what these replica specialists are offering as if these fake Rolex watches are created by the original artists. These watches are impossible to tell apart except for one point, fake Rolex watches are for sale on a cheap price that anyone could afford. That is one of the frequently said reasons why most watch collectors keep purchasing replica Rolex watches instead.

How to spot a fake Rolex

But despite how precise these fake Rolex watches are made, there are still lapses according to which are almost indiscernible you should still watch out for that some replica specialists missed. Below is the list on how to tell if what you have is fake Rolex:

  1. Cyclops: Original Rolex watches are capable to magnify the date window 2.5 times. But some fake Replica watches are usually not equipped with a magnifying function for the date window.
  2. Etched Crown:  Modernized original Rolex watches are designed with micro-etched crown located at 6 o’clock.
  3. Waterproof: fake Rolex watches are only water resistant and not waterproof. Therefore, these watches are not suggested to be worn during a shower or dived under water from the fact that it will not endure such an extent.
  4. Bracelet: original Rolex watches must be heavier than the fake Rolex watches because it is composed of much more solid and compact materials.
  5. Rehaut: original Rolex watches are carved with an array of numerous “ROLEX” encircling between the dial and the bezel.
  6. Caseback:  original Rolex watches do not have see-through of the movement or carved Rolex casebacks.
  7. Lettering: the letterings on the dial, whether carved or printed, are rough to be consistent.
  8. Crown: authentic Rolex watches have the Rolex crown with three dots.
  9. Serial Number: Located on the rehaut at 6 o’clock, the serial number is carved at the side of the case.
  10. Dial Font: the way how the fonts are perfectly printed inside the dial without any flaws is a criterion for the authenticity of the Rolex watch.
  11. Movements: There should be no audible ticks from the second hand as well as there also must be a carved Rolex on it.
  12. Clasp logo: Aside from having a Rolex logo on it, the ballpoints must also have perfected such distinctness.

The small details that Rolex is providing for their watches are truly hard to imitate. However, these lapses from fake Rolex Watches can be avoided nowadays by replica specialists who are capable and clever enough to determine and execute such tiny details to achieve perfection for fake Rolex watches.

  1. Are replica watches worth buying?

Budget friendly! Some watch collectors commented surprisingly how overpriced these original Rolex watches are even though these watches are obviously made out of simple materials.  Based on them, it is not practical at all to buy luxuries that are offered to unreasonable prices just like some authentic Rolex watches. Well, you do not have to push yourself if you still can’t afford an authentic Rolex watch. There are fake Rolex watches offered to anyone who has a low budget for such luxuries but wants to experience the same feeling of wearing one. Indeed, replica watches are worth buying!  Fake Rolex watches will certainly deceive everyone to think that you are a high roller. Due to the highly accurate imitation of most replica watches, the wearers will still undergo the atmosphere of sophistication and class, as well as they could create their personal style without incurring so much cost.

fake rolex submariner
fake rolex submariner

Beyond Expectations! This is the perfect option for people who have a tight budget but crave for the best high-quality Rolex watch. Based on first-timers of buying replica watches, they expected to see plastic-look watches. But after they have unboxed the watch package, they were in total surprise and delight at the same time. A YouTuber had said he bought 3 fake Rolex watches because these serve as his motivator for his monetary goals, and one of it is buying an authentic Rolex watch in the future. Therefore, we could say wearing a replica watch does not only fulfill the desires of the wearer to flaunt and dress elegantly, but it also to drastically enhance their personality even more.

  1. What is the most popular Rolex replica series? Rolex Daytona, Rolex Submariner, Rolex Sea-dweller, or Rolex Datejust?

There is a tough competition between these various Rolex replica series. Rolex has offered series with distinct traits in terms of detailed designs and movement. But of course, there is this exceptional Rolex series of watches that stand out above all.In the market of Rolex replication in 2017, the most in-demand Rolex replica series is the remarkable Rolex Daytona! Rolex 16523 Daytona 1992 Winner replica watch is the one that sells the largest numbers from all series of fake Rolex watches. By its two-tone steel watch body and yellow gold dial including the yellow gold bezel with external-ring gauges of the speed meter as special attributes, the fake Rolex watch must have provided satisfaction to its wearers.On top of that, there are well-known celebrities that are avid fans of authentic Rolex timepieces:

  1. Adam Levine

American singer, songwriter, actor and the lead singer for the pop rock band Maroon 5. As an avid fan of Rolex, he owns a lot of these authentic watches including the Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241. With its white dial, black registers, and red minute track on the periphery, the American singer must have fallen in love with it.

fake Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241
fake Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241
  1. Ed Sheeran

An English singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and an actor who has a wide variety of watch collection including Rolex. Ever since he has a display of different high-end watches, he already developed his sophisticated taste. In the picture, he looks classy wearing the vintage Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241 when he sang at the stage of 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

replica rolex Daytona
replica rolex Daytona
  1. Ellen DeGeneres

Here is an American comedian, television host, actress, writer and producer which is also a watch aficionado, wore Daytona ref. 6241 and compliments to her suit throughout the 2015 People Choice awards.

copy Rolex Daytona
copy Rolex Daytona

These and much more celebrities are definitely hooked with the striking aesthetics of Rolex Daytona. No doubt, fake Rolex Daytona could also make you look as classy as them.


  1. Where can I find the best replica Rolex?

There are a lot of online replica watch shops out there that offers affordable deals. You just have to be wise enough to pick the best replica watch that they are selling.

buy rolex replica watches
buy rolex replica watches

One must not only look only to the appealing aesthetics. You don’t want to be deceived by the stunning designs of such replica watches as if they have all that it takes as a high-quality timepiece, right? Therefore, the quality movement must also be considered in choosing the right fake Rolex watch. Even though you can’t have a first-hand experience with the replica Rolex watches, there is still a chance for you to scrutinize them. Aside from looking at the comments, there is a product description provided on every single replica watch that you will see on every online replica watch shop. There, it is given what kind of movement it offers. Below are the 3 quality levels of replica watches based on its materials made and movement:

  1. Asian Movement: this isnormally constructed using alloy materials which results in a substandard quality.
  2. Japanese Movement: crafted out of stainless steel and called the “AAA+grade” due to its firm material yet sold for an affordable price.
  3. SwissMovement: by far the best quality that replica watch could ever possess from the fact that it is made out of ceramic, titanium, and 904L stainless steel. This level of quality is typically called as the “1:1 clone



Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica Review

Are you looking for a timepiece with an unmatched show of craftsmanship? If your answer is in the affirmative, then, you need to get yourself a Rolex Submariner watch. Don’t worry about the price since you do not have to purchase the original watch for you to get the masterpiece. Arm yourself with the Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica watch and get the solution to your cravings. With this knockoff, you’ll get a lifetime accessory.

The watch comes specifically designed for those who worth of cash but still, want to get the good things in life. When it comes to this knockoff, you won’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars, instead, with just a few hundred dollars, you’ll have it with you.

Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica
Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica

Specifications of Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica

Most individuals make the mistake of rushing after something just because they saw their friend in possession of it. Never make that mistake when going for a replica watch. Take your time and get to know what a high-quality replica watch looks like. Know all the critical features and check whether the watch you intend to purchase has them. Should you fail to do so, you’ll have yourself to blame.

That said, these are the features of the Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date luxury watch.

The Dial

Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica
Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica

The watch has a black dial with white hour markers, white hour hands, and second hand. With the contrast in color, you will get to read the time from this timepiece with ease even when in a room with poor lighting.

The Rolex crown logo in this knockoff comes positioned below hour marker 12 just like in the original watch. The name Rolex also comes engraved around the dial making the replica to look exactly like the original, something that makes it difficult for people to tell that it is indeed a fake watch.

The date window comes positioned on hour marker three and enclosed with a magnifying glass that makes a date to pop up. The feature makes you read the date with ease. The date aperture has a white surface just like in the original watch.

A transparent sapphire crystal encloses the watch keeping the dial safe from dust and water damage. The clear glass also makes it possible for you to read the contents of the dial with ease.

The Case

The replica features a round polished stainless steel case with one screw in the crown which has the Rolex crown logo for authenticity reasons. The screw in crown helps in setting the watch for accuracy and also encloses it keeping it safe from water damage.

The case has a polished stainless steel back that encloses the watch and also keeps it safe from water and dust damage. Even though the replica claims resistance to water, ensure that you do not submerge it in water or expose it to too much water. This way, you’ll get to use the knockoff for the longest time possible.


The Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date has a green bezel with luminous minute markers. The color gives the watch a classic and elegant exterior look. Step out for a party with the replica on your wrist, and you’ll outshine everyone.


The knockoff has an automatic movement, one that allows you to enjoy all the luxury that comes with it. Thanks to the movement, you won’t have to keep on winding the watch from time to time for the time to remain accurate. By wearing the watch regularly on your wrist, you’ll have solved this problem.

To keep the replica in good shape, ensure that you do not hit on surfaces, expose it to magnets or submerge it in water.


Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica
Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica

The replica has a polished stainless steel linked bracelet with a push in clasp. The clasp has the Rolex logo for authenticity. The bracelet will fit on your wrist and with a lot of comforts. With the knockoff on your wrist, you won’t have to go looking for any other accessory as it will accentuate with most of your favorite outfits.

The Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica Customer Satisfaction

The Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Replica will enable you to carry out your daily activities on time. The replica will make your friends to admire you and shower you with praises. With the knockoff, you’ll get to realize your full potential and start appreciating yourself.

Bottom Line

The replica will give you the satisfaction you’ve always longed for without having to spend a lot of money. You will get the delight that only a watch from Rolex can offer. Everyone will admire you something that will also make them respect you as well. Should you purchase the Green Bezel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Replica watch, you’ll have done the best thing ever!






Silver Dial Mens Rolex Day Date Replica Review

If you’ve always longed to wear a watch from Rolex but lost hope due to the exorbitant prices the watches from this brand come with, worry no more. You do not have to rob a bank for you to own a watch associated with Rolex. Nowadays, a lot of replica watches from Rolex that look exactly like the originals have mushroomed the market, and all you have to do is get a quality one. Take this Silver Dial Mens Rolex Day Date Replica, for example; it’ll make you feel like you own the real Silver Dial Day Date Rolex.

The watch is an exact copy of the original and comes at a price that won’t leave you bankrupt after buying it. This replica will make to realize that you are capable of getting anything that you want in this life as it is a masterpiece.

Silver Dial Mens Rolex Day Date Replica
Silver Dial Mens Rolex Day Date Replica

Specifications of Silver Dial Mens Rolex Day Date Replica

Never rush to buy a watch just because you saw a friend with such a timepiece. Take your time and go through the features of the replica before purchasing it. This way, you’ll save yourself from the pain that befalls one after realizing that they bought a knockoff that they would rather stay without due to its poor quality.

That said, these are the features of the Silver Dial Mens Rolex Day Date Replica watch

The Dial

The knockoff has a silver dial with black Arabic hour markers, black hour hands, and second hand. The contrast will enable you to read the time from your timepiece even when in dark or poorly illuminated rooms. The difference in color also gives the replica a magnificent look.

This replica has a day window positioned at hour marker twelve, and you’ll, therefore, get reminded of each day every time you take a glance at your watch. The date window also comes placed at hour marker three just like in the original watch for authenticity reasons.

The name Rolex comes engraved around the dial for originality purposes. When it comes to the features of this knockoff, no one will tell it with the original apart. You thus have every reason to purchase the replica and get to save a lot of cash.

A transparent sapphire crystal encloses the watch keeping it safe from dust and damage by water. The glass also enables you to see all the contents of the dial with ease. What you need to know however is that you should never expose the watch to environments that may lead to the glass getting scratches.


The Case

The knockoff has a brushed stainless steel case that shines magnificently once it comes into contact with a ray of light. The case has one stainless steel push- in back which has the green Rolex logo stamp and also a Rolex Oyster Milgauss engraving.

The cutwork screw-in crown helps in setting the time on your watch and also encloses the replica keeping it safe from damage by water. Although the knockoff claims resistance to water, exposing it to too much of it will damage the watch as it isn’t waterproof. You should, therefore, avoid diving into the pool with it.

The polished stainless steel push-in back also helps in enclosing the watch and keeping it safe from water and dust damage.


This Silver Dial Mens Rolex Day Date Replica watch has a brushed stainless steel cutwork bezel that gives it an elegant look. With this type of watch on your wrist, you’ll never go unnoticed. Never wear the replica if you do not want to attract people’s attention towards you.


The replica has an automatic movement that helps to maintain accuracy at all times. The best thing about this movement is that, with it, you won’t have to keep on winding the watch from time to time. If you are a forgetful person, a timepiece with this type of movement is the best for you.


The replica has a polished stainless steel bracelet made from three links. The bracelet has a hidden flip clasp which has the Rolex logo for authenticity reasons. The bracelet will look great on your wrist and fit comfortably as well.

Silver Dial Mens Rolex Day Date Replica Watch Customer Satisfaction

The watch will help you to keep track of days especially if you work for long hours. With this replica, you’ll have an easy time selecting an accessory to match with most of your outfits as it compliments almost all outfits. The knockoff will also help you to manage your time well.

Going for this replica instead of the original will enable you to use the money you would have otherwise used to purchase the real one in other vital investments. Get the replica, and you’ll also never miss important meetings.

Bottom Line

This knockoff will give you the reason to smile after realizing that you can make your dreams come true without having to spend a lot of money. Should you decide to buy the Silver Dial Mens Rolex Day Date Replica watch, you’ll have done the best thing.







What are the Best Sites To Buy High-quality Rolex Replica Watches?

I am a lover and an enthusiast of good fashion. How I dress gives me some sort of confidence and particular views about myself. This is why I do not go for sub-standard items but rather high-quality fashion accessories. In recent days, the trend of wristwatches being for fashion is predominantly more than as a timepiece or chronometer.

High-quality watches have been known to be only for the very rich and wealthy. An average man could not purchase one, say Rolex, due to the high price tag for which it goes. But this is the leverage that replica watches offer to every individual.

Authentic Rolex watches are too expensive such that an average man cannot dip his hands into his pocket to purchase. I have been a keen buyer of Rolex replica watches and I have decided to make a review of all the best sites available.

Cheap Rolex Replica watches are the perfect substitutes for the sky-rocketing and jumbo cost of the authentic watches. My experience with Rolex replica watches has been awesome. I bet there is no distinction between the replica watches and the authentic Rolex watches due to the high level of simulation employed.

-527x1024 is one of such great sites that sell high-quality Rolex replica watches which are cheap and quite affordable. The process of searching and finding the perfect Replica watches on the site is very easy. Rolex is one of the brands that are available on Rolex replica watches are grouped into five classes so as to enable easy and quick adventure on the site.

The customer service is accessible through live chats and email. Though this is good enough, the fact that there is no mobile phone number through which the customer service could be reached is a huge disadvantage. Not every buyer will be willing to ask questions or give suggestions via mails or live chats.

watch-store-2-460x1024 is another site that sells only the best Swiss Rolex replica watches online. The simulation and craftsmanship employed in the design of these Replica watches are top-notch. This site sells Rolex replica watches that are so made to look exactly just as the authentic Rolex watches.

Although the site lists that their Rolex replica watches are of a very good quality, but the cost of purchasing these watches is astronomically high and unaffordable. What then is the essence of a high-quality replica watch when only a select few can afford it?

The website, appears quite intricate and difficult to navigate for buyers. Even the guides claimed to be available do not give a comprehensive way-through on how to purchase on the site.

And then comes, the site I have chosen to stick with due to the great benefits and maximum satisfaction I derive in return for my purchase. This site offers completely perfect Rolex replica watches that are of a high quality.

rolex-3 is a trade name when it comes to delivering the best services, of which I am a living testifier to that. My purchase of Gold Stainless Steel Replica watch for the first time went smoothly than I had expected. provides the tips and guidelines on how to go about searching for the suitable Rolex watch on its site.  The site has a moderate design and layout that does not portray unwanted or flashy side-attractions.

The customer service was ever reachable through all means you could think of – Phone calls, emails and all. The anxiety was there to track the transit and delivery of my watch, but the customer service agent was always there to calm me down. I was assured of maximum services, and there I got it.

The effectiveness with which carries out transactions is topnotch as the customer service is well reachable 24/7, that is, at all times in the whole week.

In case you are dissatisfied with the Rolex replica watch delivered, the product can be returned to the manufacturer at no cost in the space of 30 days. This is a huge advantage that maintains over any other competitors.

I got my Rolex replica watch delivered barely five days from placing an order. This is the fastest I have seen all through the years I have been making orders for products online.

Another satisfaction I have enjoyed using Rolex replica watches is the huge level of simulation by which the watches are made. There is absolutely no difference between this fake watch and the authentic Rolex watches.

I have travelled to several places with differing weather and climate with my Rolex replica watch obtained from There has never been any occurrence of the hands stopping or even the timepiece being affected by the temperature or humidity. watches remain in a perfect working condition and are unaffected by whatever harsh climate.

This is another edge that has over any other online store. has categories of Rolex replica watches that are of a high quality. These are Steel Rolex Daytona Replica, Gold Rolex Replica, Gold Stainless Steel Rolex Replica, Cheap Swiss Rolex Replica, and Rolex Daytona Replica. All these classes of Rolex replica watches are of high-quality. sells high-quality Rolex replica watches for both men and women alike. I could not think of anything better to present to my sweet girlfriend on her recent birthday. The excitement and happiness on her face say it all.

This and many more are the advantages that come with patronising Ever since she had seen an authentic Rolex watch on a movie star, she had been interested in it. made available her dream replica watch at a very affordable price.

The methods of payment are well secured and do not involve any risk to the buyer. PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are some of the available means of payment.

Without any gainsaying, I can safely give it all up to as the best site when it comes to quality Rolex replica watches. The great features available on their site attest to the proficiency and efficiency of their services.