Rolex Yacht-master 40 – The Rolex’s Emblematic Nautical Copy Watch Review

This is a review on the Rolex Yacht-Master 40, a relatively new addition to the line of copy rolex watches.

Even though many other watch manufacturers have been capitalizing on the rubber strap luxury watch design for years, Rolex was late to the party.

I guess that you can say, “better late than never,” and you’d be correct, but given the premium price the Yacht-Master 40 is fetching in both the new watch and pre-owned markets, it’s not a piece that I would hurry to buy until the dust settles.

Technically, the rubber strap on the Yachtmaster 40 in 904L steel and platinum is not even rubber. It’s actually a titanium blade covered with a rubber cover. Yes, talk about over-engineering. Lol

fake rolex yacht-master 40 with 18ct everose gold oyster case
fake rolex yacht-master 40 with 18ct everose gold oyster case

I do like the look of the watch and the blend of black with rose gold is a nice one. Nevertheless, if you’re a smart watch buyer, I’m guessing that you’ll eventually be able to buy this watch in the high teens.

Right now, it retails close to $30,000 and you can find it in the mid $20k’s in the preowned watch market.

What I would like to see one day is the replica rolex yacht-master 40 watch mounted on an all-gold band. I think the contrast will be beautifully striking. Eye-candy for sure!