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Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Silver 116622

Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Silver 116622 Review

Nothing would make a man appear classy than stepping out in an accessory that perfectly defines him. A watch from Rolex would do you that justice. The only problem would be when it becomes difficult for you to afford one due to financial constraints. You, however, do not have to worry about that anymore since, with just a few hundred dollars, you can get yourself a Rolex replica watch. The Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Silver 116622 for example, will turn all eyes on you.

No one will ever tell that the watch isn’t the original, of course not unless you inform them. This knockoff will make you feel rich. Everyone will recognize your presence.

Replica Rolex Yachtmaster
Replica Rolex Yachtmaster


Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Specifications

When going for a replica watch, ensure that you look for it in the right places. You do not want to buy a watch from a store and then live to regret due to its low quality. Always purchase from a trusted dealer. You also have to go through the features of the knockoff you wish to buy so that at the end of the day, you get a watch that satisfies your needs.

That said, these are the features of the Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Silver luxury watch.

The Dial

The watch features a silver dial with silver hour hands that have some white details and white hour markers in silver surroundings. The colors match giving this knockoff a classic look, one that will leave you with no other choice but to make the replica your everyday accessory.

Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Silver 116622
Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Silver 116622

The watch has the Rolex crown logo below hour marker 12 for authenticity reasons. The name Rolex also comes engraved to give this replica authenticity. The red second marker can never go unnoticed due to its contrasting color that provides the knockoff with a unique look.

The date window on this replica comes positioned at hour marker 3 and has a silver surface that matches with the dial. You can read the date on your watch with ease since the magnifying glass enclosing it makes it pop up the dial.

A transparent sapphire crystal covers the dial keeping it safe from water and dust.

The Case

The replica has a 40mm round stainless steel case, a feature that gives it a masculine look. The watch will fit almost every man and feels light on your wrist. The case looks authentic, classy, sturdy and genuine and no one can tell otherwise.

The case has a screw in crown with the Rolex crown logo for authenticity. The screw helps in setting the time on the knockoff also prevents water from damaging your watch. The watch is water resistant and not waterproof meaning that you should never expose it to too much water if you want to use it for a long time.

The watch has a stainless steel back that also helps in enclosing the replica and keeping it safe from water damage.


This Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Silver luxury watch has a round stainless steel cutwork outer bezel with minute markers and inner bezel with Rolex engravings just like in the original. A glance at the knockoff and you’ll agree that every sophisticated man deserves it.


Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Silver 116622
Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Silver 116622

The replica has an automatic movement, one that saves you the trouble of keeping on winding it from time to time to maintain accuracy. Go for this watch especially if you are the forgetful type. All you’ll have to do is ensure that you wear it regularly.


The watch has a stainless steel linked bracelet. Three rectangular links beautifully join together to form a bracelet that fits comfortably in almost every man’s wrist. The bracelet has a push- in clasp with the Rolex crown logo for originality purposes.

The Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Silver 116622 Customer Satisfaction

This watch will enable you to realize that you do not need to spend a fortune to enjoy the luxury that comes with owning a watch from Rolex. You will save a lot of money that you could have spent in buying the original watch.

The replica will enable you to plan your daily schedules with a lot of ease. With this watch, you’ll meet deadlines and never fail to attend important meetings. While going for a date, you won’t have to keep on thinking of the outfit to wear to match this knockoff as it matches with almost every piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

Bottom Line

This Rolex Yachtmaster replica watch will help you to satisfy your desires and also enable you to appreciate yourself at all times. The knockoff will make you understand that you do not have to be rich to enjoy the beautiful things in life. Should you decide to purchase it, you’ll have yourself to thank after realizing that you did the best thing ever!

Replica Rolex Yacht Master II 116680

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II 116680 Blue Watch review

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II Automatic Two Tone Blue Ceramic Bezel with White Dial-10 Min Countdown Working-Same Chassis as ETA Version-1/4 Rotating Bezel

Replica Rolex Yacht Master II 116680
Replica Rolex Yacht Master II 116680

Many of Rolex watch models are inspired a lot from sports, Rolex Yacht-Master is one of them. Rolex released the first Yacht-Master watch in 2007, and then released Yacht-Master II on the Basel in 2013 which became one of the most classic sporty watch in the market. Of course, then there came out many replica versions, I have seen many editions of replica Rolex Yatch-Master II, but today I would like to introduce a good edition to you, comparing to other editions on the look and function, this is the best.

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II Blue Bezel
Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II Blue Bezel

Rolex Yacht-Master replica Watch design comes from yacht racing, which we can tell from its name. This replica has a 1:1 proportion case, 44mm*14mm is a perfect size for its design. As it is designed for the professional sailing players and the yacht fans, the watch stands for Rolex’s best level on accuracy, function and technology. The case material is top-grade solid 316L stainless steel. On the white dial, we can see functions are including hour, minute, second and chronograph. These functions can be adjusted by the crown and buttons on the side, very easy to operate. There is a small red triangle hand on the dial, this is just for decoration, not moving at all. The blue bezel inspiration comes from the ocean where the yacht should be, and it can rotate both ways. Bezel is made of ceramic, new and top material in watch. On top is the sapphire crystal to cover the elegant dial.

Replica Rolex Yacht Master II 116680 Clasp
Replica Rolex Yacht Master II 116680 Clasp

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II 116680 Blue Watch bracelet

The bracelet is made of the same material as its case, and on the folding buckle, there are the Rolex logo and other information of the model, just as the same as per original. This replica Rolex Yacht-Master watch is driven by a Asian 2813 automatic movement, supporting its functions well. Even though this watch is designed for professional yacht player firstly, but it became a classic and hot model Rolex. More and more people choose it as a timepiece or decoration on the wrist for sport or business occasion. You know, everything happens in fashion.

Replica Rolex Yacht Master II 116680 Wrist Shot
Replica Rolex Yacht Master II 116680 Wrist Shot

Best Replica Rolex YachtMaster II 116681 Two Tone Blue Watch Review

Working GMT Automatic Full Gold with White Dial-Blue Ceramic Bezel Rolex Yachtmaster II Replica

Rolex YachtMaster II Replica
Rolex YachtMaster II Replica

Today, I want to introduce you guys a new replica Rolex that was just published in our market, it is the blue 116681 Rolex YachtMaster II Replica. This replica is made by J12 factory, it seems like J12 is more active than other factories like Noob in recent two years. Not only J12 makes the most outstanding Audemars Piguet replicas with innovative AP Calibers, but it aslo has started to manufacture good quality replica Rolex to seize the market share that belonged to Noob factory before. Take this Rolex YachtMaster II for example, the case work is perfect, dial details are very close to Noob Rolex level, the rose gold coating is thicker than those golden Rolex replicas published before, almost 5 mils. It is real 18K rose gold plated on stainless steel case. Not easily scratched.Rolex-YachtMaster-II-116681-Two-Tone

First, in my replica watch experience, a lot of people asked me whether such types of replica watches have real chronograph function or not, I must say this replica is a real chronograph watch, I mean the chronograph function is working the same as genuine watch. Press the button at 2, the central red chronograph hand will move. I like this type of YachtMaster Rolex, its ocean blue color attracts me. There was one Rolex YachtMaster II replica in full stainless steel published several years ago, it was highly welcomed and has driven a crazy sale record, now still a lot of people are pursuing the white steel YachtMaster II. About this two tone model, although not my favorite, it is still a great replica watch.Rolex-YachtMaster-II-116681-Blue

Gold with White Dial-Blue Ceramic Bezel Rolex Yachtmaster II Replica

There are blue, rose gold, red, white and black colors gathered on this watch. Bezel tooth, case buttons and middle links of bracelet are all plated with rose gold. Blue bezel insert is ceramic made with golden engraving. On white dial, the blue small second hand is running on subdial at 6, this subdial is in rose gold color with black markers. Square hour markers have golden frame with white luminescence filled inside. Hour markers, hour and minute hands will emit strong blue light in dark place. The big triangle hand on the centre is for countdown function, but on this replica, this feature is false, that means this triangle red hand is not working. That’s reasonable, because this replica is only equipped with a Shanghai 7750 chronograph movement.Rolex-YachtMaster-II-116681-Buttons


Specification of 116681 Rolex YachtMaster II Replica :

Movement: Shanghai 7750 Chronograph, 28800VPH
Case: 44mm*14mm, 18K Two Tone Plated on 316L Steel, Blue Ceramic Bezel
Crystal: Sapphire
Dial: White
Band: Two Tone. 18K Rose Gold Plated. New Rolesor Deployant Clasp
Water Resistant: 50m

Product Details:

Dial Shape circle
Color Black
Type Automatic
Category Luxury(Premium)
Display Type Automatic
Strap quality Rubber
Dial shape Circle
Brand Rolex

—-“Cash On Delivery”—–
“Return & exchange”—
First Copy (aaa Copy)
Return & Replace
Rolex Yechet Master Watch For Men
-we’d Also Be Giving A Free Box … If U Want Rolex Box 1000/- Extra For That.
-plus We Are Also Giving A Full 1 Year Replacement Warranty Against Any Manufacturing Defects
Cash On Delivery All Over India – – Delivery Time – 5-6 Working Days
Movement: Automatic Movement Crystal: Scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal Glass Case: Rose Gold Case Bezel : Black Ceramic Dial: Black Function : Date Bracelet: Black Rubber Strap Case Diameter:43 Mm

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: RolexYachtMaster
  • Port of Dispatch: SURAT
  • Production Capacity: 200
  • Delivery Time: 5-6 Days
  • Packaging Details: FedEx

For more Rolex YachtMaster II Replica details please visit


Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller Replica ref. 116660 with a D-blue dial.

Replica Watch Compare : deepsea d blue vs yacht master ii

For this edition of Replica Watch, we examine two of Rolex’s more robust models built around marine culture—the Deepsea D-Blue ref. 116660 and the steel Yacht-Master II ref. 116680. Let’s dive in.A comparison between the Rolex Deepsea D Blue Dial ref. 116660 and the Yacht-Master 116680.

Functionality: Deepsea D-Blue vs Yacht-Master II

As with all Rolex Oyster Professional replica watches, the Deepsea and the Yacht-Master II were developed for a specific audience. The Deepsea for professional divers and the Yacht-Master II for competitive sailors.

Carving out a niche target allows Rolex to carefully consider the look and functionality of a particular model—although, in reality, owners of these watches are rarely confined to the intended crowd. However, it’s still important to recognize the inspiration in order to understand why the watches are the way they are.Rolex-Yacht-Master-II-116680-2017

With cases measuring 44mm, the Deepsea and the Yacht-Master II are in fact the largest Rolex models to date. But due to its 17.7mm thickness (compared to the 14mm of the Yacht-Master II), the Deepsea feels significantly larger and heftier on the wrist. The bulkier case of the Deepsea is necessary to ensure its extreme water resistance of 12,800 feet—there’s the helium escape valve, the titanium caseback, the thick domed sapphire crystal, and the nitrogen-alloyed steel central ring to house.

While the Yacht-Master II Replica ref. 116680 is water resistant to a respectable 330 feet, the watch performs above water. The Yacht-Master II includes a regatta chronograph, complete with a countdown mechanism and mechanical memory. A regatta is series of sailing competition where boats have differing start times—hence the countdown function.


Replica Design: Deepsea D-Blue vs Yacht-Master II

While the Deepsea D-Blue functions exactly the same as the standard Deepsea, it does boast a special dial. Using specific design cues, the dial commemorates James Cameron’s historic 2012 descent to the Mariana Trench. First, there’s the gradual color change from bright blue to deep black to signify the darkness of the deep. Then there’s the bright green color of the “DEEPSEA” label mimicking the color of the submersible Cameron used.

The Yacht-Master II on the other hand, sports a white dial featuring a unique layout that’s significantly different to other Rolex watches. There’s the off-centered 10-minute countdown scale with an arrow-tipped hand, the running seconds subdial, and the blue and red accents. Just this year, Rolex updated the dial of the Yacht-Master II to now include Mercedes-style hands along with triangular and square indexes at 12 and 6 o’clock, respectively.Rolex-Yacht-Master-II-116680-2017-Version-3

Typical of Rolex sports watches, both the Deepsea D-Blue ref. 116660 and the steel Yacht-Master II ref. 116680 have Oyster bracelets but with different clasps. Since it’s a diver’s watch, the Deepsea includes the Glidelock and the Fliplock extension systems to ensure the watch fits over a wetsuit. Furthermore, both timepieces also have a Cerachrom ceramic bezel, but again, their functions are different. The diver’s bezel used to keep track of immersion times on the Deepsea only rotates in one direction as a security measure. Conversely, the bidirectional blue ceramic bezel on the Yacht-Master II serves to control the countdown function. As a result, Rolex has dubbed it the Ring Command.

Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller Replica ref. 116660 with a D-blue dial.
Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller Replica ref. 116660 with a D-blue dial.

Movement: Deepsea D-Blue vs Yacht-Master II

The Deepsea D-Blue runs on the famous Rolex Caliber 3135 with 48 hours of power reserve. The automatic movement drives the time and date functions.

The Yacht-Master II runs on the Rolex Caliber 4161 automatic movement, which is one of the most complex modern movements from the brand. In addition to the programmable countdown, mechanical memory, and on-the-fly synchronization, there’s also a power reserve of 72 hours.Rolex-Yacht-Master-II-116680-2017-Version-6

Collectability, Rarity, & Appreciation Prospects: Deepsea D-Blue vs Yacht-Master II

The Replica official retail price of the Deepsea D-Blue is $200 while the steel Yacht-Master II ref. 116680 is more expensive at $400. In fact, some D-Blue pieces are selling above retail price!

This speaks to the collectability of the James Cameron Deepsea D-Blue Replica—it is one of the more difficult contemporary Rolex watches to source. Some authorized dealers still have long waitlists for the watch despite its release in 2014. Plus, the D-Blue is the first and only commemorative Rolex watch dedicated to a specific person.

And as any Rolex Replica enthusiast knows, anything “first” and “only” is typically a sign of a great investment.

The Yacht-Master II Replica has a few additions to it from its predecessor.


Rolex has a long history of manufacturing watches specifically designed for niche sports and highly specialized environments. From cave exploring to deep-sea saturation diving, Rolex has been an industry leader at producing watches that could thrive in conditions under which a regular timepiece would be rendered useless. The Yacht-Master II Replica is their latest line of over-engineered sport watches to score big points with collectors and enthusiasts for its bold style and highly complex design.

The Yacht-Master II Replica has a few additions to it from its predecessor.
The Yacht-Master II Replica has a few additions to it from its predecessor.

The Origin of the Replica Yacht-Master II

While the original Rolex Yacht-Master was more-or-less a luxury-oriented version of the Submariner, the Yacht-Master II Replica is a true regatta chronograph with a fully programmable countdown timer. Outside of boat racing, the practical applications for such a complication are rather limited, and given the exclusive and highly specialized nature of the sport, very few Yacht-Master II owners are likely to use its regatta timer at all in daily life.

Despite its limited practical applications, the Yacht-Master II has become a popular choice for celebrities and collectors alike. Few owners will ever use its adjustable countdown timer; however its bright blue, ceramic bezel and 44 mm case diameter make it one of the most eye-catching designs that Rolex has ever put forward.

Many famous people wear this replica watch, celebrities and athletes alike.
Many famous people wear this replica watch, celebrities and athletes alike.

This bold style has made the Rolex Yacht-Master II a favorite among actors, musicians, and professional athletes alike. From Mark Wahlberg to LeBron James and Cam Newton; from Roger Federer to Flo Rida and Chris Brown, many of the world’s biggest celebrities choose to wear Rolex’s regatta chronograph in one of its many metal variations.

Using the Yacht-Master II Replica
Although very few of its celebrity owners are likely to use the Yacht-Master II’s adjustable countdown timer at all during their personal lives, the unique and highly complex function of the regatta chronograph is easily its most noteworthy feature. Comprised of more than 360 components and featuring a mechanical memory with on-the-fly synchronization, the entirely in-house caliber 4161 movement is packed full of Rolex’s latest and greatest technologies.

The vast amount of control necessary to program and operate the regatta timer is facilitated through Rolex’s Ring Command bezel, which links the outer rotating bezel of the watch to the inner-works of the movement. Turning the bezel locks the lower chronograph pusher and engages the setting mechanism for the countdown timer (displayed by the red triangular hand).

The Yacht-Master II Replica can easily be read in the dark for its large luminous markers.
The Yacht-Master II Replica can easily be read in the dark for its large luminous markers.

In 2017 the Yacht-Master II saw minor changes to its dial and hands, although Rolex did not issue the watch line a new set of reference numbers. Instead of having baton-style hands like the Rolex Daytona, the Yacht-Master II now has “Mercedes” style hands like the rest of Rolex’s sport watch lines. Additionally, the hour marker at the 12 o’clock location has been changed from a square to an inverted triangle to help enhance legibility in dark settings.

Although very few individuals find practical applications for its adjustable regatta timer, Rolex’s Yacht-Master II has developed a strong following due to its bold and instantly recognizable design. While it is certainly a visual departure from Rolex’s classic aesthetic, the Yacht-Master II is part of a longstanding Rolex tradition of producing state-of-the-art, ultra-niche watches specifically designed for the world’s most prestigious and exclusive sports. Just as yachting is an exclusive sport, this Rolex replica watch from Baselworld 2017 is just as exclusive.



Up there with a reputation for making some of the finest replica watches in the business, the one thing everyone seems to know about Rolex is their insistence on obsessive secrecy. While this aura of the strong and silent type has gone a long way in securing their enigmatic status, it gives some people a certain license to make up their own stories about the brand, unencumbered by anything as mundane as facts, safe in the knowledge they’re unlikely to be corrected officially.

There are many variations of the Yacht-Master replica ref. 16623.

One of these countless rumors, which you can choose to believe or not as you see fit, is concerned with the inspiration behind the Yacht-Master ref. 16623 by Rolex.

There is a story that during the eighties, Rolex was looking to completely transform the design of their most iconic replica watch, the Submariner, because…well, who knows? The Sub had been the brand’s most beloved and successful creation pretty much since its birth. Revamping its design would have been as unthinkable and ridiculous as changing the recipe for Coca Cola.

The Yacht-Master replica Surfaces
Perhaps learning from the debacle and utter blind fury that greeted the launch of ‘New Coke’ in 1985, Rolex decided against the introduction of a modernized Submariner, but didn’t want to altogether shelve the latest design they had crafted. In the end, it was decided this new model could be touted as a more luxurious nautically themed watch; no longer a tool for underwater adventurers, but something set to look more at home on a polished teak deck or lounging in the privileged environs of the yacht club.

Whether there’s any truth to the story (and there might be, the eighties were full of strange decisions like that) the one thing that’s certain is that the 1992 launch of the Yacht-Master ref 16628 marked the first entirely new watch to emerge from Rolex Replica since the Daytona in 1964.

This Fake Yacht-Master ref. 16623 has a blue dial Rolex.

Rolex doesn’t rush themselves to bring out all-new replica watches. After the Yacht-Master, it would take them a further 20 years to produce another one, when the Sky-Dweller put in an appearance in 2012. Their ethos has always been one of relentless improvements to existing designs rather than constantly trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s a philosophy that has worked spectacularly.

Of course, in the Yacht-Master’s case, ‘new’ is a fairly loose term. When the 16628 was unveiled, the similarities to the Submariner were glaringly obvious, in an ‘if it ain’t broke’ kind of way. Rolex made just a few distinctions between the two; initially only available with an 18k gold case, it was water resistant to 100m as opposed to 300m for the diver’s watch. The solid gold bezel rotated in either direction, rendering it of little use for underwater timing, while softer, more rounded dimensions underlined its luxurious aspirations. Other than that, the two watches shared a movement, the caliber 3135, along with similar hands and an identical dial layout.

If the Submariner was a Land Rover, elegant in a tough, utilitarian, getting-things-done kind of way, this new Yacht-Master had the opulent bearing and imperious manners of a Range Rover—still extremely capable underneath, but a bit too pretty to go anywhere near the rough stuff.

The Rolex Yacht-Master replica ref. 16623
Perhaps because of its close resemblance to the Submariner replica in every way except price, the Yacht-Master has never quite matched its incredible popularity, although initial waiting lists were formidable on its release. Over the years, Rolex crafted the watch from a variety of precious materials, including their two patented alloys Rolesor and Rolesium, a combination of gold and steel, and platinum and steel respectively. The Yacht-Master also became the first Oyster Professional watch to be made available in a mid-size at 35mm, alongside the ladies and full-size men’s models.

The Yacht-Master replica ref. 16623 is a very close brother to the Submariner replica.

In 2005, one of the most enduringly popular versions of the range emerged, the 40mm Yacht-Master ref. 16623. The two-tone Rolesor combination of yellow gold and stainless steel, Rolex’s most recognizable color scheme since its introduction way back in 1933, was perfectly suited to the spirit of the Yacht-Master; classy and luxurious, yet hardy enough to survive a life on the ocean waves. Or at least an occasional regatta.

It was available in several dial configurations—the white, silver and champagne faces remained understated, while the blue, brown and mother of pearl created a more contrasting, eye-catching effect. The gold bi-directional, 60-minute bezel kept its polished and oversized numerals, which, unlike the Fake Submariner, were embossed and raised from the surface.

Inside, the 3135 movement, still used in the latest versions of the watch today, proved itself as ultra reliable as ever. The self-winding, 31-jewel mechanism has been a mainstay for Rolex since it was developed by the company in 1988 and powers more of their line up than any other. For the Yacht-Master, it offered exceptional accuracy, a power reserve of 48 hours, and the KIF shock protection system ensured it was built to last.

On the wrist, its gracefully curved lugs and flatter belly cause devotees to laud it as a more comfortable everyday wear than the Submariner, and the yellow gold on the bezel echoed through onto the center links of the Oyster bracelet, giving the whole watch a less tool-like and more opulent feel.

While the Yacht-Master ref. 16623 cannot go as deep as the Submariner, it can be used for yachting.

Summing Up
It takes a lot for Rolex replica to launch an entirely new creation on an unsuspecting world.

If the rumors of the Yacht-Master’s genesis are indeed true, fans of the Swiss giant can breathe a sigh of relief that their iconic diver’s watch remains a separate entity to this day. What emerged in place of a restyled Submariner is a stunning timepiece of pure luxury, designed for life on the open seas rather than under it, and the Rolesor Yacht-Master ref. 16623 is the perfect companion for any well-heeled sailor.



Also known as Nature Boy, Ric Flair is an absolute legend in professional wrestling. While he may no longer wrestle today, Ric Flair clearly still enjoys his celebrity status. He loves to share his opulent life and taste for finer things with his fans on social media.In addition to collecting championship belts—including 16 heavyweight championships—Ric Flair also collects Rolex replica watches. And in true Nature Boy fashion, these Rolex replica watches have some serious flair to match his outlandish personality! Let’s check them out.

Ric Flair’s Rolex President Replica Watches

Ric Flair always has a gold Rolex watch on his wrist. And it seems his favorite one these days is a yellow gold Rolex President Replica with a black dial. But the retired wrestler doesn’t just have one, but (at least) two of them. His versions of the Rolex President are the latest Day-Date 40 models as indicated by the new style Roman numerals on the silver dial.

Here is one of many iterations of the Day-Date ref

The Day-Date 40 ref. 228238 made its debut in 2015 to replace the previous 41mm sized Day-Date II replica watch collection. Not only are the cases slightly smaller and slimmer than the Day-Date II watches, but the Day-Date 40 also runs on the new generation Rolex movement, Caliber 3255.

Ric Flair’s Rolex Submariner Replica Watches
Nature Boy’s spectacular Rolex collection includes two versions of the current yellow gold Submariner. One is in blue (ref. 116618LB) while the other has the black dial and bezel configuration (ref. 116618LN).Each as stunning as the other, the latest Rolex Submariner sports a 40mm case equipped with the popular Cerachrom ceramic bezel. Prized for its resistance to scratching and fading, Rolex uses ceramic on most of their current sports watches.

Ric Flair’s Rolex GMT-Master II replica Watches
Similar to his pair of Submariner watches, Ric Flair also boasts two versions of the latest 18k yellow gold GMT-Master II watches. Also equipped with Cerachrom ceramic bezels, the only difference between these two ref. 116718LN models is the dial.The green dial version of the yellow gold GMT-Master II is the anniversary model that came out in 2005. In fact, this particular Rolex ref. 116718LN introduced the completely revamped GMT-Master II with the bulkier case, enhanced Caliber 3186, new bezel, Triplock screw-down winding crown, and other novel features.

Anniversary Rolex GMT-Master II ref

Ric Flair’s Rolex Daytona replica Watch
Another green Rolex watch in Ric Flair’s collection is this gold Daytona ref. 116508 presented last year. While the Rolex ref. 116508 is certainly not a new model, the green dial color on the yellow gold Daytona is.

The deep green tone of the dial of complements the 18k yellow gold 40mm Oyster case and gold Oyster bracelet beautifully. Along with the green shade, this Daytona ref. 116508 also has red accents on the main dial and the three sub dials. Plus, there’s the characteristic red DAYTONA label above the register at 6 o’clock.

Ric Flair’s Rolex Sky-Dweller replica
The brand’s newest collection, Rolex unveiled the Sky-Dweller in 2012. And as one of the company’s most expensive models, this is a watch for the (private) jet set. Boasting plenty of functions—time, date, month, and second time zone—it’s also super practical.

Ric Flair’s version is the Sky-Dweller ref. 326938 with a 42mm 18k yellow gold case that houses a sleek silver dial. It’s also worth noting that the fluted bezel on the Sky-Dweller is not just for aesthetics, but it actually controls the mechanical movement within.

Ric Flair’s Rolex Yacht-Master II replica
Even larger than the Sky-Dweller is the Rolex Yacht-Master II Fake at 44mm. Arguably the most aggressively designed Rolex watch to date, the look of the Yacht-Master II is unmistakable. And Ric Flair’s Yacht-Master II is particularly bold thanks to its bright blue Cerachrom ceramic bezel atop the yellow gold case.

Don’t forget the gold Yacht-Master II in replica watch collection

While the Yacht-Master II was developed with the professional yachtsman in mind, the innovative countdown feature—with mechanical memory and programmable anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes—can certainly be used for more practical everyday applications.

As far as celebrity Rolex replica collections go, Ric Flair’s is one of the finest we’ve seen. Not only do these timepieces command some serious attention, they’re all current models too. Knowing how flamboyant this retired professional wrestler is, we wouldn’t be surprised if these nine Rolex watches we highlighted are just a small piece of a larger collection.

Which of the above yellow gold Rolex watches is your favorite? Do you lean more towards dressier Rolex watches like the President and the Sky-Dweller or towards more sporty ones like the Submariner, Daytona, and GMT-Master II? Let us know in the comments section below.