Also known as Nature Boy, Ric Flair is an absolute legend in professional wrestling. While he may no longer wrestle today, Ric Flair clearly still enjoys his celebrity status. He loves to share his opulent life and taste for finer things with his fans on social media.In addition to collecting championship belts—including 16 heavyweight championships—Ric […]

Real vs. Fake: Rolex Submariner

http://<iframe width=”1200″ height=”684″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/OjNvHEyYG4Q” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Ah, fake rolex watches. Bad or good, we can’t help but be fascinated by them, even as they cheapen the carefully crafted brand images of the Swiss watch industry or bankroll dubious overseas business practices. But ultimately, it’s the quality and emotional value that makes a watch meaningful. And […]

The Iconic Classic: The Rolex Datejust Replica

Today, much of the attention from collectors and enthusiasts is centered upon Rolex’s sport replica watch offerings; however, to many, the Datejust represents the classic, iconic, and versatile Rolex. Originally introduced in 1945 in celebration of Rolex’s 40th anniversary, the Datejust has remained largely unchanged throughout the many decades that it has remained in continuous […]

Are Rolex Submariners the Greatest Luxury Replica Watches Ever Made?

Among the assortment of Rolex luxury replica watches, one of the most famous is the Rolex Replica Submariner. In fact, it’s so coveted that the Submariner has the unfortunate distinction of being the most counterfeited watch today. So, that raises the question, are Submariners the greatest luxury watches ever? Let’s investigate, shall we? Greatest Luxury Watches […]