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The White Gold Fake Reolex Sky-Dweller Ref. 326939

An all-new model slips out of the gates of the Rolex compound about as frequently as astrologers discover a new planet. After the 1964 launch of the Daytona, we had to wait an incredible 28 years before another one came along, in the shape of the Yacht-Master (with Rolex stretching the term ‘new’ to breaking point with what was basically a Submariner in a fancy suit).

By comparison, the next unique offering from the brand came along at a breakneck pace when, a mere 20 years later, the Sky-Dweller line debuted at Baselworld 2012.

Rolex rarely produces complicated fake watches but, what they introduced was one of the most sophisticatedly complex and yet functionally simple watches in their long and illustrious history.

The Sky-Dweller ref. 326939 is a complex model with incredible technology inside the replica watch.

The look of the Sky-Dweller Replica is revolutionary for a company that usually updates its well-tested and timeless designs at an almost glacial pace. Those three original models released in 2012, in yellow, Everose and white gold, are unlike any other timepiece in the Rolex lineup.

Described as the quintessential watch for world travelers, the combination of an annual calendar, along with the GMT indicator to track dual time zones, is designed to give globetrotters all the information they need at a glance, all with that discreetly understated Rolex flair.

To achieve it, Rolex built on the architecture and underlying technology first seen in the Yacht-Master II that appeared a few years prior. The Sky-Dweller is fitted with the second generation of the YMs innovative Ring Command Bezel, a multi-functional component integrated with the winding crown to control the watch’s various operations.

But where the Yacht-Master II had to rely on the addition of pushers to activate a number of its features, such as the on-the-fly synchronization, the Sky-Dweller’s pioneering three-position bezel does away with the need for any extra buttons, leaving the watch with more elegant, minimalistic lines.

Powering everything, inside is a brand new caliber, the 9001. With 380 separate parts, it’s the most intricate and complex movement Rolex has ever engineered and also the second most highly jeweled. It controls the first annual calendar complication from the Swiss watchmaker, known as SAROS after the Greek term for the 18 year cycle of the sun, Earth and moon. It’s a simple yet brilliantly intelligent mechanism that compensates for the months with 30 and 31 days and only requires resetting once a year, at the end of February (Blame the Romans).

Along with the staggering part count, sixty of which are utilized by the bezel alone, the Cal. 9001 is fitted with everything we’ve come to expect from a modern Rolex. COSC certified, the in-house movement features the Parachrom bleu hairspring and Paraflex shock absorption, and has a 72-hour power reserve.

The Sky-Dweller replica ref. 326939 is a watch perfect for the traveling man.

How Does it Work?
While most certainly useful and definitely impressive, the thing about replica watches with complications is, they tend to be, well, complicated. It’s one of the reasons Rolex’s catalog is conspicuously low on models with additional functionality. As a brand, they have always stuck to doing the simple things better than anyone else, and leaving the complex gimmicks to others.

However, when they do decide to jump in, it’s with typical Fake Rolex panache. The Sky-Dweller is an imposingly complicated timepiece, yet its operation, and its legibility, are stunning in their simplicity.

The Ring Command is, of course, the key. Each quarter turn of the fluted bezel unlocks a different action. From the start location, the first counter-clockwise position allows you to adjust the date in the three o’clock window, forwards or backwards. Another quarter turn gives you independent control over the center hour hand. And in the final position, all of the functions synch and you can set the reference time in the 24-hour GMT disk.

All this is achieved with just the winding crown, which itself only has one position. As an example of mechanical sophistication, it’s hard to beat.

The Sky-Dweller Replica ref. 326939
The Sky-Dweller series, all housed in 42mm cases, follow the recent trend from Rolex for larger watch sizes, and with its widely spaced lugs, it feels even bigger.

Of the three precious metal references introduced in 2012, the 18k white gold ref. 326939 became the most sought after, but for many fans, any version of the watch remains an acquired taste. It’s the distinctive dial that has split the most opinion and caused the most controversy, specifically that open GMT display.

While arguably easier to read than their other dual time zone pieces, the GMT-Master II and the Explorer II, the off-center 24-hour dial is a big departure from the Rolex norm. Against the ivory satin of the 326939, the white of the sub dial is a subtle feature, adding to that variant’s more versatile appeal. Compared to the Everose and yellow gold offerings, the white gold model has a more go-with-anything aesthetic.

The face of the replica watch tells you much more than just time.

The only pop of color in the otherwise completely monochrome face is in the inverted red triangle above the disk, indicating the hour back home while you’re on your travels.

A small aperture above each of the hour markers indicates the month. Fortunately, there are as many months of the year as there are hours in the day, so on the Sky-Dweller, a black window over the 12 o’clock tells you it’s December, 1 o’clock is January, etc. The high contrast makes it supremely easy to read. The date is connected to the local time, set on the main center hands, and changes instantaneously at midnight.

On the run up to its introduction a few years ago, many of the brand faithful were deliberating over the name Sky-Dweller and trying to imagine what Rolex had up their sleeves for their first new offering in a generation. Much of the talk was of a big brother for the GMT-Master II, an aviator’s fake watch for serious professionals in the same mold as the Sea Dweller versus the Submariner.

What emerged instead was one of the most complicated, and most expensive, watches Rolex has ever produced, proving once and for all that it’s not worth trying to second guess the world’s biggest watchmaker.

The Sky-Dweller’s Replica challenging design may split opinion, but its mechanical brilliance and the simplicity in its use make it the ultimate GMT.

New Kid on the Block: Sea-Dweller Replica Watches ref. 126600 50th Anniversary

After our detailed look at each of the five different discontinued Sea-Dweller replica watches, we have finally arrived at the newest model—the Sea-Dweller ref. 126600. Announced just a few months ago, the SD ref. 126600 made huge waves at Baselworld 2017 for the big changes it brought to the collection. Let’s review those modifications in detail. 

The Sea-Dweller replica watches ref. 126600 was launched at Baselworld earlier this year.

What’s new on the Sea-Dweller ref. 126600?

2017 is the year that the Sea-Dweller celebrates its 50th anniversary. So it came as no surprise that Rolex unveiled an anniversary Sea-Dweller Replica model. What did come as a surprise, however, were some of its new features.

Compared to the older versions of the fake Sea-Dweller, the new ref. 126600 presents many new featuressome welcomed and some not so much. The first and most obvious difference is its size. Growing from its original 40mm size to a much bigger 43mm, the Sea-Dweller is now one of the larger models. While some may protest the bigger case size, it does balance out the thickness of the Sea-Dweller to an arguably more proportional fit. Also, because of the larger size, the Oyster bracelet is subsequently wider to maintain those balanced proportions. With this modification, Rolex now offers three different sizes among their diver’s watches: Submariner at 40mm, Sea-Dweller at 43mm, and Deepsea at 44mm.

The Sea-Dweller is now one of the larger models sized at 43mm.

In addition to the size, the new Sea-Dweller ref. 126600 now includes the Cyclops lens on the sapphire crystal above the dial. While it can be assumed that this was done to increase legibility of the date, there have been some very loud protests from Rolex fandom in regards to the Cyclops. The Sea-Dweller and the Deepsea have always been the only Rolex Oyster Perpetual Replica Date models without the Cyclops lens. All other Rolex date watches have it—the Datejust, the Day-Date, the Submariner, the Sky-Dweller, etc. In fact, the lack of Cyclops was, for many Rolex enthusiasts, one of the selling points of the Sea-Dweller. Without it, the face of the Sea-Dweller is more streamlined and symmetrical.

The cyclops lens brings out a lot of mixed feelings between fans.

On the other hand, a great addition to the 2017 Sea-Dweller ref. 126600 is the red text on the dial. As we discussed in the first chapter of the Sea-Dweller series, the first SD ref. 1665, is nicknamed the Double Red Sea-Dweller (DRSD) because of two lines of red text on the black dial. Also, it’s worth mentioning that a very popular vintage Rolex Submariner is the ref. 1680 Red Submariner, named so for its red text on the dial too. Thus, it’s safe to say that vintage Rolex Replica collectors have a soft spot for red text. So, it’s only fitting that for the Sea-Dweller’s 50th birthday, Rolex also included the red “SEA-DWELLER” designation on the dial.

Rolex fans are raving about this new replica watch.

Other features that have been carried over from previous Sea-Dweller models include the helium escape valve, the water resistance of 4,000 feet, the Cerachrom ceramic bezel, the Chromalight display with blue luminescence, and the Glidelock extension system on the Oyster bracelet.

The Sea-Dweller ref. 126600’s Caliber 3235

Also new to the Sea-Dweller ref. 126600 is the Rolex Caliber 3235 automatic mechanical movement. The caliber actually made its debut in the Pearlmaster 39 in 2015. It was then fitted into the new Datejust 41 in 2016. Now the caliber finds itself in the Sea-Dweller ref. 126600. As a new generation movement, the caliber 3235 comes with all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from Rolex.

Within this watch is the Rolex Caliber 3235 automatic mechanical movement.

Similar to the Caliber 3255 at the heart of the new Day-Date 40 watches, the Caliber 3235 also boasts 14 Rolex patents that improve reliability, precision, and efficiency. As a result, thanks to the new Rolex Chronergy escapement in the Caliber 3235, the Sea-Dweller now has a power reserve of 70 hours rather than the previous 48 hours. Furthermore, the new Caliber 3235 falls under Rolex’s redefined accuracy rate of -2/+2 sec per daytwice that of standard chronometers.

Six Sea-Dweller models over five decades

Well, there you have it. From the ref. 1665 Double Red Sea-Dweller, the ref. 1665 Great White, the ref. 16660 Triple Six, the ref. 16600, the ref. 116600 to today’s ref. 126600, that was our look at the six Sea-Dweller models sold to the public throughout the collection’s five decades of history. But, fear not, this is not the last chapter as we still need to delve into the very special Sea-Dweller COMEX editions, so stay tuned for that.

The Sea-Dweller 1665 is a rare replica watch and is highly coveted.

What are your thoughts on the new Sea-Dweller? Do you like the larger size and Cyclops lens? Leave us a comment below. website:

Transitional Time: Sea-Dweller Replica ref. 16660 “Triple Six”

In the third installment of our deep dive into the Rolex Sea-Dweller Replica history, we take a look at the ref. 16660. Often nicknamed the “Triple Six” and considered a transitional reference, this Sea-Dweller brought about many changes to Rolex’s extreme diver’s watch. Let’s explore the Sea-Dweller ref. 16660 “Triple Six” in more detail. 

The Sea-Dweller ref. 16660 made its debut in 1978. Surprisingly, Swiss Fake Rolex did not discontinue the production of the preceding Sea-Dweller ref. 1665 “Great White.” Rather, both references were available alongside each other for a few years. This was probably because, although they shared the same model name, the Sea-Dweller ref. 1665 and the Sea-Dweller ref. 16660 were different beasts indeed.

The Stainless Steel SeaDweller 1665 is the first featured watch in our Sea-Dweller series.

The Design Improvements of the Sea-Dweller Triple Six

The then-new and now vintage Rolex Replica Sea-Dweller ref. 16660 Triple Six boasted plenty of changes. Firstly, its water resistance doubled to 4.000 feet (1,220 meters). As a tool watch positioned for deep sea divers, this was certainly a practical and impressive enhancement. The improved water depth rating was thanks in part to a larger helium escape valve (HEV). A quick refresh, the HEV is the Rolex-patented mechanism that allows watches to properly decompress when resurfacing. That is, the HEV automatically releases built up helium (and other gasses) from the watch. The releasing of the gasses essentially normalizes differences in internal and external pressure, thus preventing the crystal from bursting off or other damage to the watch.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller replica ref.

The Rolex ref. 16660 Triple Six was also the first Sea-Dweller with a sapphire crystal protecting the dial. Of course, sapphire crystal is now standard across all Rolex watches, especially prized for its scratch resistance. Like all versions of the Sea-Dweller (up until the most recent version released at Baselworld 2017) the sapphire crystal of the ref. 16660 does not include a Cyclops magnification lens above the date window. Since all other Rolex date models include the Cyclops lens, this is a design detail that sets the Sea-Dweller apart from the rest and is appreciated by many.

Also, sitting on top of the ref. 16660 watch was now a unidirectional bezel instead of a bi-directional one. Needless to say, this is much safer for divers since overestimating immersions times is far better than underestimating them.

The Improved Caliber of the Sea-Dweller Triple Six

In addition to the above modifications, the Sea-Dweller ref. 16660 also had a new automatic caliber ticking inside. The new model housed Caliber 3035, which replaced the Caliber 1575 of the previous Sea-Dweller ref. 1665.

The new Caliber 3035 operated at a higher frequency—28,800 beats per hour rather than 19,800 bph. Moreover, it was also more shock resistant—a much-appreciated feature for a robust dive watch.

A super practical upgrade that the Caliber 3035 brought to the Sea-Dweller ref. 16665 was the quickset date feature. This now meant that wearers could set the date quickly, independently of the hour hand.

The Dials of the Sea-Dweller Fake Triple Six

As with many vintage Rolex models, there are several dial variations of the Sea-Dweller ref. 16660. The first batch of the Triple Six models (serial numbers: about 5.9 million to about 8.5 million) featured a matte black dial without surrounds on the circular tritium hour markers. Plus, among these matte black dials, there are two main versions—Mark I and Mark II.

  • MK 1: Shorter Rolex coronet under 12 o’clock. The “f” in “ft” is above the letter “E” in “SUPERLATIVE.”
  • MK 2: Longer Rolex coronet under 12 o’clock where sometimes the crown actually touches the inverted triangle above it. The “f” in “ft” is above the letter “V” in “SUPERLATIVE.”
    Can you guess which dial this Sea-Dweller has?

    Following the matte dials, Rolex outfitted the Sea-Dweller ref. 16660 with glossy black dials with white gold on the circular tritium hour markers. The first batch of these glossy dials (Mark III) actually had two interesting details. The first one was that the hyphen between “SEA” and “DWELLER” was no longer included. The second was that these new glossy dials had a defect, which caused them to crack or “spyder.”

    Rolex remedied the situation and offered up a second version of the glossy dial (Mark IV) with no cracking problem and the return of the hyphen. The crown was also slightly elongated and the font slightly altered. It’s worth noting that the once glossy dials are turning matte as they get older. As expected, this is now something that has piqued the interest of vintage Rolex collectors worldwide.

    There were also COMEX dials of the Sea-Dweller ref. 16660 Triple Six, but we will cover these in-depth in another article dedicated to COMEX Rolex Sea-Dweller watches. So stay tuned for that one.

    What comes after the Sea-Dweller 16660?

    The transitional Sea-Dweller ref. 16660 Triple Six was in production for a decade where it was eventually replaced by the ref. 16600 in 1988. The Sea-Dweller ref. 16600 will, naturally, be the topic of our next chapter on the Sea-Dweller history, so make sure not to miss that one.

    What are your thoughts on the Sea-Dweller Triple Six? Are you a fan of the Sea-Dweller model in general?

    Read the previous installment on the Sea-Dweller 1665 known as the “Great White”.

The First Rolex Replica Sea-Dweller: Double Red Sea-Dweller 1665

Following our in-depth look at the GMT-Master family of watches, we now turn our attention to the Rolex Sea-Dweller Replica collection. From the very first Sea-Dweller to the brand new model unveiled at Baselworld this year, let’s dive into the history of the Rolex extreme diver’s watch. The story beings with the Swiss Cheap Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller ref. 1665 “Double Red Sea-Dweller.”double-red-sea-dweller-

Comex and the birth of the Sea-Dweller

Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises, aka Comex, is a French company specialized in deep diving operations. Founded in 1961, Comex and Rolex developed a relationship early on. Comex needed watches that could withstand very deep diving expeditions, so Rolex obliged. This vintage timepiece from Rolex Replica is a historically important watch and a stepping stool for future Sea-Dwellers to come.

Rolex modified the Submariner ref. 5513 and fitted it with a Helium Escape Valve (HEV). The patented Helium Escape Valve mechanism permitted the watch to release built-up helium and other gasses as the watch traveled down to more extreme depths. As a result, this prevented pressure damage to the watch, thus Rolex now had the ability to produce extreme diving replica watches.

Rolex modified the Submariner ref. 5513 and fitted it with a Helium Escape Valve

The performance of those Comex-modified Submariner ref. 5513 watches did so well, it set the blueprint for a new Rolex model. In 1967, the new Rolex Sea-Dweller was born. The official name of the inaugural model was the Sea-Dweller Submariner 2000. But, it’s more commonly referred to as the Double Red Sea-Dweller or DRSD for short.

The Double Red Sea-Dweller (DRSD)

The very first Fake Sea-Dweller from 1967 was the ref. 1665. Compared to the Submariner, it had, among other things, a thicker case, the helium escape valve, a domed crystal protecting the face of the watch, engravings on the caseback, and no Cyclops lens over the date window. However, one of the most distinguishing factors, and the reason for the watch’s nickname, are the two lines of red text on the black dial. In red, we read “SEA-DWELLER” followed by “SUBMARINER 2000,” clearly indicating that this is a souped-up version of the Sub. Rather than the 660 feet (200 meters) depth rating of the preceding Submariner, the Sea-Dweller boasted one at 2,000 feet (610 meters). This was an impressive feat for the era indeed.

The Double Red Sea-Dweller is a highly-coveted vintage Rolex replica model.

As expected, the Double Red Sea-Dweller is a highly-coveted vintage Rolex model. Rolex Replica produced the DRSD from 1967 until 1977. The four main dial versions of the Double Red Sea-Dweller ref. 1665 are categorized by collectors as Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, and Mark IV.

The Four Dials of the Double Red Sea-Dweller

  1. MK I: These are the dials on the very first versions of the Sea-Dweller ref. 1665. Since the HEV patent hadn’t been granted yet, these models actually have “Patent Pending” engraved on the caseback. The font size and color of both lines of red text are identical. The Rolex crown or coronet is the thicker style found on many vintage Rolex watches of the era.
  2. MK II: This dial version is found on both “Patent Pending” and “Patented” engraved Sea-Dweller models. The main difference with the MK I dial however, is the “SUBMARINER 2000” text is smaller than the “SEA-DWELLER” font.
  3. MK III: The MK III dial has a similar font structure of the two red lines of the preceding MK II dial, however, the coronet is different. This time the updated Rolex crown logo is lengthened and not as thick as previous versions.
  4. MK IV: This is the last version of the DRSD dial. The MK IV includes closed 6s rather than open 6s. Furthermore, the font on all four lines of text — red and white — is thicker than previous versions. Also thicker, are the prongs of the Rolex coronet.

A Rolex Grail Watch

The Double Red Sea-Dweller is a historically important fake watch.

The Double Red Sea-Dweller is a difficult vintage Rolex model to find due to its rarity and popularity. It’s certainly a grail watch by any Rolex enthusiasts’ standards. The DRSD’s value has steadily increased in the secondary market over the last decade, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, Rolex even paid homage to the red text with the latest version of the Sea-Dweller ref. 126600 by including the coveted crimson font.

Keep an eye out for the next installment of our in-depth look at the Sea-Dweller history where we dig into the model that replaced the DRSD: the Sea-Dweller “Great White” ref. 1665.


Fake Rolex Sky Dweller Champagne Dial GMT Review

It’s really a thing of marvel how the Rolex Company keeps coming up with fresh designs to keep their fans, like me, continuously interested in their products. Makers of fake Rolex watches have been very busy too keeping up with the innovation of Rolex and that is why I’ll always have Rolex replica review blogs for you. As you might have already guessed, I’ll be doing a fake Rolex Sky Dweller review today.

There are many things that are classic Rolex about this watch and a few things that are quite unique too. In this Rolex Sky Dweller replica review, we’ll be going through all of it, so let’s get started.Table of Contents

Rolex Sky Dweller replica

I’ll start this fake Rolex Sky Dweller review with the classic Rolex features. The Rolex Sky Dweller replica is almost entirely golden and this is a direction Rolex chooses to go a lot of times when they don’t go the stainless-steel route. You can probably tell it’s a Rolex from 20 feet away. The magnifying glass over the date window is also something we’ve seen from other Rolex watches but it’s something I still really like in this replica Sky Dweller Rolex. Some watches really make you squint just to be able to tell the date.

fake Rolex Sky Dweller
fake Rolex Sky Dweller

The gear like bezel with repeated Rolex word motif on the inside of it instead of chronometer markings is also a common Rolex design. The crown is highly polished golden with the Rolex crown logo embossed on it. It is something that amuses me often, having a Rolex crown logo embossed on a Rolex watch’s crown. That’s about it for the things on this watch that you would normally expect from a Rolex watch.

Now for the part of this fake Rolex Sky Dweller review that shows how the watch is different from other watches and even from other fake Rolex watches. First, the hour marks are numbers that go clockwise and are oriented at angles except for the 12-hour mark which is replaced by the Rolex crown logo. I’m not sure I like the fact that numbers 5, 6 and 7 are practically upside down. They really look regal though and they glint even more than the highly polished golden all around.

There is a wheel window at the lower part of the dial which counts up to 24 hours. This is part of the very complex mechanism from Rolex that makes the watch a dual time zone watch. The red arrow points to the “home time zone” and it never changes regardless of where you are. Unfortunately, it truncates the 5, 6 and 7-hour marks of the watch and I’m not very happy about that either.

The hour, minute and second hands are stainless steel with cutouts to reduce their weight and it also looks good. There are rectangular cutouts just under the hour markings that look nice but essentially are of no use that I can see.

Fake Rolex Sky Dweller Movement review


My fake Rolex Sky Dweller review would be incomplete without talking about the movement. Unsurprisingly, it features a Japanese Miyota kinetic movement which is exactly what I expected. I guess you could say this is also one of the classic Rolex features but this is a Rolex Sky Dweller replica review and not a review for an original.

The FoldRolex-Sky-Dweller-Replica-As-Worn-768x512

To cap off this fake Rolex Sky Dweller review, let’s talk about how the watch handles on the wrist. Needless to say, it is a manly watch. And it shows sophistication and style and is one of the better fake Rolex watches for men. It really catches the eye.Rolex-Sky-Dweller-Replica-Bracelet-768x512

The bracelet is also classic Rolex design. It is 200mm long and 22mm wide. It is highly polished gold ending in a Rolex crown logo engraved deployment clasp. The original watch was one of the most highly anticipated watches in 2012. And five years is not a long time when it comes to watch technology. So, I would rate this watch 90% just for delivering on all the aspects it set out to do.

stainless steel rolex replica

What Rolex Needs To Adjust In Their Replica Watch Collection

Honestly, Rolex replica has not been very grateful to us normal people for introducing some entry level watches in the last decade. Instead Rolex focused to much on their expensive new gold and diamond models only the top of the iceberg is interested to buy. With the worldwide declining interest from mainly Asia, the FHS reports that the export of Swiss watches is still going down due to the terrible watch sales results..

At a recent trip to Hong Kong, that has 91 x Rolex shops, I noticed there are hardly any people inside the boutiques buying their new watch. FHS reports that the biggest watch market worldwide was down with 25.1 %. Maybe these numbers are not so terrifying for a small watch brand like FP Journe but the mayor player Rolex produced in their better years nearly 1 million watches per year. Can you imagine the size of the warehouse Rolex has to store their unsold watches?

Now when you go to the website and select their  “All cheap replica Rolex Watches” in their menu, you get the below overview of their collection. From the 19 x Rolex they show only 7 x are stainless steel, the rest costs easily more then €10.000,=. For somebody in need to perform better this is not a very clever display as from those 7 x steel Rolex only the Submariner, GMT Master and the Daytona are sought after by watch geeks. Now when you visit an official Rolex dealership hardly any of those “sought after” models are available! Maybe they have them in the shopping window but once you go inside, they don’t sell you and instead they put you on a list?! In the current economic situation this is an outdated marketing tactic to get free publicity as I can’t believe Rolex is not capable producing more “sought after” models….

replica rolex Quartz ref 17000
replica rolex Quartz ref 17000

The easy trick to change awareness and pimp sales in the upcoming years is to announce more different “sought after” models, hence my Basel 2017 predictions with a Coke GMT that only needs a different ceramic bezel. If I read all the positive reaction in all discount replica rolex watches forums around the world that discuss my predictions, it would be stupid not to announce it..

The 50th anniversary of the Sea Dweller deserves a special design. You can think of all different possibilities but as the 1967 version had Sea Dweller in red, it’s even less expensive to produce and it would become an instant classic like I show below…

Original 1967 Single Red Sea Dweller next to a possible logic 2017 anniversary Rolex SD4000…

Now why isn’t Rolex introducing more steel versions of an already legendary design?? When you look at car brands we have seen in the last decade they introduced each possible variation one could think off. A great example of keeping their heritage intact is Porsche, in each model even the SUV, you see the lines of the iconic 911. I strongly believe that Rolex has been much to arrogant and stubborn to give us customers what we want. It took nearly 5 years!!  (2011 the gold ceramic Daytona was introduced) before they came with the steel Daytona with ceramic bezel…

Above the 2011 introduced gold ceramic Daytona and after waiting for 5 long years Rolex finally introduced their most important model in 2016, the steel Daytona. What I’m trying to say is why didn’t Rolex did the opposite, first come with the steel Daytona everybody wants and can pay? Why loosing extra market share, turn over and massive free publicity for 5 year I still wonder??

I mean it’s not rocket science redesigning a dial for the steel Daytona and adding a ceramic bezel on top. Why wait so long to give it back to your loyal client I keep wondering. The long term Rolex strategy had to be adjusted when the market was changing so rapidly. Getting loyal customers interested in buying their first great imitation rolex watch choosing for Rolex is the quest and not an Omega, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Hublot, Panerai etc. They where actively coming out with new heritage models while Rolex was asleep. You don’t necessarily need to copy your past to be successful in the future but who in gods name has designed that new Celline line?! Look how much awareness Rolex has achieved by rebranding Tudor so it’s not that they don’t know what they have to get into the hearts of collectors and watch buyers in general…

Fake Day Date Rolex
Fake Day Date Rolex

I’m not saying that above Explorer II makeup is a brilliant design with the added ceramic bezel I put on top but Rolex could at least consider offering the ceramic bezel as an option with this not well performing sport model. Back in the days you could choose your Daytona to have a stainless steel bezel or a bakelite bezel, the more sought after bakelite bezel was actually cheaper then the steel one, imagine. What I think Rolex should do is offer more “sought after” models in different versions. Make the Explorer, Milgauss, Datejust, Airking cool again by offering more options! Instead of focussing on yet another diamond Day Date dial nobody wants, come up with something new, add the annual calendar for instance from the Sky Dweller to upgrade this iconic model properly.

I was amazed after I counted the amount of Day Date that Rolex offers you: its an incredible amount of 335 x different DD’s?! This is more then all sports models together!

Rolex did wake up some 3 years ago by going blue instead of old fashioned green but this is not enough to conquer the market! So far I’m talking about adding different colors or complications that have already been developed to make Rolex more successful. When you see what the small independent watch makers introduce for magic possibilities in their new models, changing the color of your ceramic bezel or adding a line of red, is actually quite lazy but still much more effective then what Rolex does now. In the meantime Rolex could focus on bringing some new complications that people really use. For instance I can’t think of using the Yachtmaster complication, who really need that? Nobody.

stainless steel rolex replica
stainless steel rolex replica

Summarizing I would suggest Rolex to adjust their collection towards more affordable (steel) models that have those little details from the past we collectors love so much. Do not try to make an old design look modern like Rolex did with the Milgauss as it turns out that this model doesn’t sell. Instead analyzing the past, focus on the logic additions to the collection and downsize all those Datejust & Day Date models nobody even knows they exist. Where are the Turn-O Graph, Killy, Padellone 8171 Moonphase or 6062 StarDial models? A classic oyster chronograph on leather strap will sell much better then the whole Cellini line and bring back the super relevant rectangular Prince! Even the design of the Quartz ref 17000 with it’s chunky case and integrated bracelet would sell greatly nowadays. There’s plenty to reinvent but it start with the people that are  in charge, the board of directors..

Rolex told me that it might be possible for me to visit their Basel 2017 and see all there news up close and report about it for you. So far I guess they are hesitating that I might report something negative. All watch bloggers get brainwashed each year when they enter the Rolex booth and report what Rolex wants to hear. Anything negative Rolex likes to keep inside the mothership, which I totally respect but my logic is if you’re truly convinced your collection is up to date, you don’t need to fear any negativity! Instead embrace any kind of publicity you can get for free.

rolex 116325

Lenny Kravitz Teams With Les Artisans De Geneve For A Luxurious Rolex 116523 Replica Collab

Lenny Kravits has teamed up with independent watchmakers Les Artisans de Geneve to introduce the limited edition LK 01 rolex cosmograph daytona replica watch. Combining modernism with reliability, while preserving the features of classic watches, the LK 01 model is based on the Rolex 116523 reference, which has been modified by hand in Les Artisans de Geneve’s workshops in Switzerland.

rolex 116325
rolex 116325

The case has been treated in black DLC, while the bezel has been replaced by a handmade golden bakelite one. The dial, also modified by hand, shows gold markings and timers as well as the famous red 116523 ivory black subdials dial rolex  Daytona  marking which has been preserved.

rolex gold marking dial
rolex gold marking dial

Additionally, the bracelet of fake rolex daytona manufacturer has been replaced by a handmade Barenia veal leather strap. Furthermore, the movement is wholly treated in black and holds a 22-carat gold rotor which can be glimpsed through the transparent 100m water-proof back.

With the desire to blend watchmaking and musical arts, the team has also turned the case that the watch comes in into a unique piece: the watch sits in a registered Travel With Sound leather case reminiscent of a roadie trunk and is equipped with a Bluetooth JBL speaker.

rolex black DLC case
rolex black DLC case

Limited to 55 pieces worldwide, the 18k gold & stainless steel automatic men’s copy watch is available now through LAG for approximately $455.