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Rolex Imitation Watches: Some Interesting Facts

Some Rolex Facts

Rolex imitation watches are like royalty among wristwatches but while the these star wristwatches are quite well known, a lot of folks who own or like to own a Rolex may not know anything about how they are made, where they are made, what they are made of and even who makes them.

Here are some facts about Rolex watches that you may not have known before:

Originally From London

Founded in 1905, the Rolex watchmaking company first began its operations in London. It was in 1919, after the first World War, that the headquarters of the company was moved to Geneva from London.

rolex airking red diamond face
rolex airking red diamond face

Didn’t Always Make Watches

The Rolex company didn’t always make watches; when it started in 1905, it was a watch assembling outfit; Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis imported Swiss movements, fused them into English watch bodies and sold them to jewellers who sold them with their own logo.

It was in 1908 that the founders started make their own watches, having discovered that it was more profitable.

Some Major War Action

women’s rolex oyster perpetual date just  watches were much favoured by British Air Force officers during World War II.  They were not the only ones who liked them; the Nazis also took their Rolex whenever they shot them down.

Hans Wilsdorf, however, came to the rescue, promising to replace any Rolex watches lost by prisoners based only upon their word.

rolex watches
rolex watches

A Movie Star

The Rolex Oyster 3525 has some credit for the birth of the movie, The Great Escape, which is a well-known movie based on the story of the escape of British prisoners of war from a German POW camp during WW II. It is reported that Corporal Clive Nutting actually made use of his rolex oyster perpetual cosmograph daytona‘s precise movement to time the guards and escape with fellow prisoners.

Solid, High and Low

It has been recorded that the Rolex watches worn by Sir Edmund Hillary and some members of his team in 1953, kept working even at the top of Mount Everest.

Also, in 1960 the Rolex survived without missing a second on a US Navy bathyscape Trieste that went about 36,798 feet into the depth of theOcean at Mariana Trench. The watch endured a pressure of 14.000 psi.

Highest Quality Metal

Rolex watches are made with 904L grade metal; it is more expensive and features a higher level of nickel and chromium than 316L, which is used in making most watches.

rolex oyster perpetual datejust lady 31 mm
rolex oyster perpetual datejust lady 31 mm

This metal requires better machinery to be worked on but the results can be seen as rolex oyster perpetual cosmograph daytona watches have better resistance and polish better than most.

Always Pressure Tested

No replica rolex watch oyster perpetual stainless steel is allowed to leavethe plant until it is pressure tested to check for any air leaks. It is also subjected to water pressure testing of up to 300m depth pressure (Rolex watches for deep sea diving endures pressure testing of about 12,000 meters) and a condensation test. If it fails any of these tests, the watch will be rejected.

Still Hand-Made

This is the truth; every Rolex watch is hand made even though machinery is employed in some minor tasks.

No wonder every wants a Rolex.

rolex oyster perpetual datejust

Auction Preview: Auctionata’s Copy Rolex Only, Berlin, December 28

Keep time with the best of them with this auction featuring some of the most sought after models from the giant of the watch world: copy rolex. Featuring classic models, such as a 1986 Air-King Precision, a 2008 Milgauss, and a c. 1970 Datejust, you will be hard pressed to decide on the perfect caliber for your wrist.

rolex oyster perpetual datejust
rolex oyster perpetual datejust

What: Sale of Rolex Only

Where: Online

When: December 28, 7pm CET

Top lots of the sale:

copy rolex daytona
copy rolex daytona

* Copy Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss, Switzerland, 2007/2008, Movement: automatic movement, caliber 3131, hour, minute, second, movement no.: 31959354, condition 1, Dial: signed black dial, silver and orange colored hands and indexes with luminescent mass, condition 1, Weight: 157.8 g.

*Copy Rolex Datejust, Ref. 6031, Switzerland, Around 1947, Automatic movement, calibre 10 ½‘’’; 19 jewels, hour, minute, second, date, Black dial, gold Dauphine hands, Watch case of stainless steel and gold, Brown alligator leather strap with original pin buckle, Total weight: 58 g.

*Copy Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II, Switzerland, 2002/2003, Movement: automatic movement, caliber 3185, hour, minute, second, date, movement no.: 39657410, condition 3, Dial: signed black dial, silver hands and indexes with luminescent mass, condition 1, Weight: 124.1 g.

*Copy Rolex Explorer II, Switzerland, c. 2000, Automatic movement, calibre 3185, adj. 5; 31 jewels, hour, minute, second, date, 2nd timezone, Black dial, silver luminescent Mercedes hands, Total weight: 124 g.

*Copy Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II, Switzerland, 2001, Movement: automatic movement, caliber 3185, hour, minute, second, date, movement no.: 90078040, condition 3, Dial: signed white dial, black hands and indexes with luminescent mass, condition 1, Weight: 123.8 g.

the replica rolex oyster perpetual 39

The History Of The Most Aspirational And Trapped Rolex Replica Watches

In the pantheon of luxury fashion goods, Fake Rolex has a unique spot: The word conjures up not a logo or a covetable item, but rather the very idea of a beautifully made and enduring timepiece. It is nearly synonymous with the word heirloom, and for that reason, the swiss watchmaker has earned an enormous and loyal following around the world.

For many, buying new gives them instant access to this legacy, but collectors and connoiseurs want something more, a fake rolex pink gold unworn leather strap ivory dial watch with history as well as pedigree. The value of rare models reaches stratospheric heights at some of the biggest auction houses in the world. Phillips, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Antiquorum have all set records prices for notable Rolex watches that have come up for auction.

the replica rolex oyster perpetual 39
the replica rolex oyster perpetual 39

Here’s a look at the most impressive replica Rolex watches-and current models that let you own a piece of that storied past.
Replica Datejust: Rare Functionality

For their 40th Anniversary in 1945, Rolex introduced the Datejust model. It depicts the hours and minutes with a distinctive “Cyclops” magnifying date lens added during the 1950s. While variations of the classic fashion designer replica watch change little over time, the current model is offered in “Rolesor,” an attractive combination of gold and steel unique to Rolex.

Rolex Reference 6062, from the 1950s, is a very rare exception to a brand that otherwise abstains from too many complications. One of only two Rolex models to feature a yellow gold triple calendar with a moon phase, the dusty rose and gold fake rolex for women watch is nicknamed the “Stelline” because of the fabulous star-shaped indices. The “Stelline” will be coming to auction at Phillips upcoming “Rolex Milestones” auction on November 28th in Hong Kong with an estimate of $110 – $120 and is expected to bring in much more.

black replica rolex yacht-master ii black dial
black replica rolex yacht-master ii black dial

Replica Explorer: History and Provenance

Created for a couple on their 1953 expedition to Mount Everest, the replica Rolex Explorer was designed to perform flawlessly in extreme conditions. Able to withstand enormous changes in temperature and pressure, the giveaway black dial that’s still seen on the watches today features oversized and luminous 3 – 6 – 9 numerals and indices, a distinctive feature of the highly legible waterproof watch.

One of the most expensive examples of such a rolex replica diamond watches are the 1953 Submariner. The watch, complete with the customized circular buzz saw bezel and case signed by a legendary actor, came up for auction last year and sold at Phillips for an astonishing $365,000-even though it no longer told time.

Replica Air King: The Importance of Tiny Details

Introduced in 1957, the Air King is considered one of the more enduring and accessible copy Rolex models. Intended to appeal to members of the armed forces and aviators during the Second World War, the Air King made a welcome return to the current Rolex collection for 2016. The new dials feature a unique two-color (yellow and green) Air King logo, a detail that will most likely become an essential design element for future collectors years.

rolex replica oyster perpetual 39
rolex replica oyster perpetual 39

Proof that small details like the uniquely colored logo can add incredible value? Look no further than another replica rolex oyster perpetual cosmograph daytona platinum model, this Oyster “Panda” Ref. 6263. It’s similar to the Air King in its specific, rare design elements. For example, the Panda, which takes its nickname from the handsome white dial with black sub-dials resembling a panda’s face printed underneath the brand’s logo, also features a Tiffany & Co signature as its mark of distinction. This one-of-a-kind Daytona was sold on November 13, 2016 at Phillips Geneva for $882,740.