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What you should know about fake Rolex?

Before diving out on an online replica watch shop that offers affordable fake Rolex, there are certain things that one should consider first.

1. Why do people buy fake Rolex?

There are a lot of reasons why fake Rolex collectors prefer buying the replica versions than the authentic ones. An enthusiastic watch collector ones have said that fake Rolex are crafted by knowledgeable, dexterous, and most of all highly detail-oriented experts who devote for hours of scrutinizing the original version and devote themselves just to ensure the accuracy of replication of original Rolex watches. In addition to that, these replica watches craftsmen also have access to the same machines that are utilized in creating the original ones, these experts talented enough to duplicate even these apparatuses. But there is a lot more than the dexterity of the experts and their identical machines, it is still necessary for them to use the finest materials that have the same appeal to the eyes of everyone, especially for the potential wearer of these fake Rolex watches.

fake rolex
fake rolex

As a result, the craftsmen could achieve the quality they have meticulously worked for. Everyone could hardly notice the difference between the fake Rolex and the authentic versions in terms of their aesthetics. Precise reproduction is what these replica specialists are offering as if these fake Rolex watches are created by the original artists. These watches are impossible to tell apart except for one point, fake Rolex watches are for sale on a cheap price that anyone could afford. That is one of the frequently said reasons why most watch collectors keep purchasing replica Rolex watches instead.

How to spot a fake Rolex

But despite how precise these fake Rolex watches are made, there are still lapses according to which are almost indiscernible you should still watch out for that some replica specialists missed. Below is the list on how to tell if what you have is fake Rolex:

  1. Cyclops: Original Rolex watches are capable to magnify the date window 2.5 times. But some fake Replica watches are usually not equipped with a magnifying function for the date window.
  2. Etched Crown:  Modernized original Rolex watches are designed with micro-etched crown located at 6 o’clock.
  3. Waterproof: fake Rolex watches are only water resistant and not waterproof. Therefore, these watches are not suggested to be worn during a shower or dived under water from the fact that it will not endure such an extent.
  4. Bracelet: original Rolex watches must be heavier than the fake Rolex watches because it is composed of much more solid and compact materials.
  5. Rehaut: original Rolex watches are carved with an array of numerous “ROLEX” encircling between the dial and the bezel.
  6. Caseback:  original Rolex watches do not have see-through of the movement or carved Rolex casebacks.
  7. Lettering: the letterings on the dial, whether carved or printed, are rough to be consistent.
  8. Crown: authentic Rolex watches have the Rolex crown with three dots.
  9. Serial Number: Located on the rehaut at 6 o’clock, the serial number is carved at the side of the case.
  10. Dial Font: the way how the fonts are perfectly printed inside the dial without any flaws is a criterion for the authenticity of the Rolex watch.
  11. Movements: There should be no audible ticks from the second hand as well as there also must be a carved Rolex on it.
  12. Clasp logo: Aside from having a Rolex logo on it, the ballpoints must also have perfected such distinctness.

The small details that Rolex is providing for their watches are truly hard to imitate. However, these lapses from fake Rolex Watches can be avoided nowadays by replica specialists who are capable and clever enough to determine and execute such tiny details to achieve perfection for fake Rolex watches.

  1. Are replica watches worth buying?

Budget friendly! Some watch collectors commented surprisingly how overpriced these original Rolex watches are even though these watches are obviously made out of simple materials.  Based on them, it is not practical at all to buy luxuries that are offered to unreasonable prices just like some authentic Rolex watches. Well, you do not have to push yourself if you still can’t afford an authentic Rolex watch. There are fake Rolex watches offered to anyone who has a low budget for such luxuries but wants to experience the same feeling of wearing one. Indeed, replica watches are worth buying!  Fake Rolex watches will certainly deceive everyone to think that you are a high roller. Due to the highly accurate imitation of most replica watches, the wearers will still undergo the atmosphere of sophistication and class, as well as they could create their personal style without incurring so much cost.

fake rolex submariner
fake rolex submariner

Beyond Expectations! This is the perfect option for people who have a tight budget but crave for the best high-quality Rolex watch. Based on first-timers of buying replica watches, they expected to see plastic-look watches. But after they have unboxed the watch package, they were in total surprise and delight at the same time. A YouTuber had said he bought 3 fake Rolex watches because these serve as his motivator for his monetary goals, and one of it is buying an authentic Rolex watch in the future. Therefore, we could say wearing a replica watch does not only fulfill the desires of the wearer to flaunt and dress elegantly, but it also to drastically enhance their personality even more.

  1. What is the most popular Rolex replica series? Rolex Daytona, Rolex Submariner, Rolex Sea-dweller, or Rolex Datejust?

There is a tough competition between these various Rolex replica series. Rolex has offered series with distinct traits in terms of detailed designs and movement. But of course, there is this exceptional Rolex series of watches that stand out above all.In the market of Rolex replication in 2017, the most in-demand Rolex replica series is the remarkable Rolex Daytona! Rolex 16523 Daytona 1992 Winner replica watch is the one that sells the largest numbers from all series of fake Rolex watches. By its two-tone steel watch body and yellow gold dial including the yellow gold bezel with external-ring gauges of the speed meter as special attributes, the fake Rolex watch must have provided satisfaction to its wearers.On top of that, there are well-known celebrities that are avid fans of authentic Rolex timepieces:

  1. Adam Levine

American singer, songwriter, actor and the lead singer for the pop rock band Maroon 5. As an avid fan of Rolex, he owns a lot of these authentic watches including the Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241. With its white dial, black registers, and red minute track on the periphery, the American singer must have fallen in love with it.

fake Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241
fake Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241
  1. Ed Sheeran

An English singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and an actor who has a wide variety of watch collection including Rolex. Ever since he has a display of different high-end watches, he already developed his sophisticated taste. In the picture, he looks classy wearing the vintage Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241 when he sang at the stage of 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

replica rolex Daytona
replica rolex Daytona
  1. Ellen DeGeneres

Here is an American comedian, television host, actress, writer and producer which is also a watch aficionado, wore Daytona ref. 6241 and compliments to her suit throughout the 2015 People Choice awards.

copy Rolex Daytona
copy Rolex Daytona

These and much more celebrities are definitely hooked with the striking aesthetics of Rolex Daytona. No doubt, fake Rolex Daytona could also make you look as classy as them.


  1. Where can I find the best replica Rolex?

There are a lot of online replica watch shops out there that offers affordable deals. You just have to be wise enough to pick the best replica watch that they are selling.

buy rolex replica watches
buy rolex replica watches

One must not only look only to the appealing aesthetics. You don’t want to be deceived by the stunning designs of such replica watches as if they have all that it takes as a high-quality timepiece, right? Therefore, the quality movement must also be considered in choosing the right fake Rolex watch. Even though you can’t have a first-hand experience with the replica Rolex watches, there is still a chance for you to scrutinize them. Aside from looking at the comments, there is a product description provided on every single replica watch that you will see on every online replica watch shop. There, it is given what kind of movement it offers. Below are the 3 quality levels of replica watches based on its materials made and movement:

  1. Asian Movement: this isnormally constructed using alloy materials which results in a substandard quality.
  2. Japanese Movement: crafted out of stainless steel and called the “AAA+grade” due to its firm material yet sold for an affordable price.
  3. SwissMovement: by far the best quality that replica watch could ever possess from the fact that it is made out of ceramic, titanium, and 904L stainless steel. This level of quality is typically called as the “1:1 clone


Champagne Dial Replica Datejust

Lady 31 MM Champagne Dial Replica Rolex Datejust Review

Invited by your friends for a posh party and wondering about the accessory to wear on your wrist? Do you want something unique that will make you stand out? If you are a fashionable woman, the Champagne Dial Replica Rolex Datejust is the timepiece to rock in. With this watch, you won’t require any other bracelet on your wrist, and guess what? You will steal everyone’s attention. The watch will announce your presence and portray you as a very classic lady.

Owning a watch from Rolex is always considered a significant achievement in life. Only the rich, high and mighty afford original watches from this brand. A replica watch from Rolex will, therefore, make you the talk of the time especially if it’s high quality since not many people can realize that it is indeed an imitation.


The fact that Rolex is a famous brand makes everyone to want to own a watch from the brand. As a result, so may replica watches have cropped up some very high quality and others too weak since the manufacturers are only after making quick money. To avoid any chance of landing on the poor quality ones, always ensure that you check the features of a replica watch carefully before buying it.

Here are the features of the Champagne Dial Replica Datejust

The Dial

The dial of this particular knockoff features a Champagne surface with marching hour markers. The hour markers are Roman numerals, yellow gold in color with back lines, and the same goes for the hour hands.

Instead of the hour marker 12, the crown logo sits in place giving the watch its authenticity. The name Rolex is imprinted around the dial imitating the original Datejust watch. A date window is positioned at hour marker 3 and marches with the dial’s color. The overall look is outstanding.

A transparent crystal covers the dial and also makes the contents of the dial very legible. One can read the time from this masterpiece as well as the date with ease.

The Case

The replica’s case is made from steel and brushed with yellow gold to look like the original watch. This color makes the watch stylish and extremely beautiful. The screw in crown helps you to reset the watch and also enclose it safely.

The winding crown of the Champagne Dial Replica Datejust has two small dots, a clear indication that the watch is water resistant and that one can even dive for 200 meters with it. Should it rain and your watch isn’t covered, the feature helps you to keep calm knowing that it is safe and sound. However, since you want to use your replica for a long time, do not expose it to too much water.

The case is small in size,31 mm and designed with a mixture of gentle and supple4 curves giving it bold feminine details. The replica’s design is perfect and outstanding.


The Bezel

The Champagne Dial Replica Rolex Datejust frames a yellow gold fluted bezel that gives the watch an overwhelming and stunning look. You will entirely fall in love with this exceptional timepiece.


The replica watch has an automatic movement that helps in maintaining accuracy. This movement also keeps a good power reserve and availability. Using the watch saves you all the trouble of rewinding it time and again thanks to this feature. You can never compare this with one that uses the quartz or the mechanical movement.

The Bracelet

The bracelet of the knockoff has three connecting links all steel made. The rectangular loop is the most prominent and yellow gold while the rest two are square in shape. The connections sparkle brightly on the slightest contact with the sun’s rays making this timepiece a tool to look out for when buying a luxury watch.

The clasp of the bracelet has a crown logo just like the original watch. The bracelet is smoothly crafted, beautiful, attractive and sits comfortably on your wrist.

Champagne Dial Replica Rolex Datejust
Champagne Dial Replica Rolex Datejust

Champagne Dial Replica Rolex Datejust Customer Satisfaction

With this watch, you will get the chance to step out in style. You will get appreciated and also elevate your social status as others will start seeing you from another different perspective. You’ll feel contented with yourself and become the diva you’ve always wanted to be.

The replica will also help you in going about your daily activities in an orderly manner as well as match your favorite outfit. This particular watch will get you the attention you’ve always longed for and also ensure that maintain your level of elegance.

Bottom Line

Purchasing the Champagne Dial Replica Rolex Datejust will make you preserve your level of integrity. You’ll get the satisfaction that comes with owning a watch from Rolex and luckily, at a price you can comfortably afford. Go for the watch and see the greatness and luxury it brings with it.

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mega watch

I am very demanding when it comes to my replica watches. For me, quality is everything. Sure, I know that a knockoff is just a knockoff, but I still expect it to be a considerably good watch. Reliability, durability, accuracy and 1:1 aesthetics are just a few of the qualities that I’m going after every time I order a new imitation watch. This is why I don’t just order a replica timepiece. For me, this means much more. I research the web, I study the company’s website very carefully, I test its customer services and I always, but always, make an informed decision. And almost every time the results manage to pleasantly surprise me. Almost every time, I end up receiving a beautiful replica watch that exceeds my expectations and makes me realize that my time and effort were well spent.

Now, my attention has been caught by a very interesting replica watches website that looks quite promising. Its name is and at first glance it appears to be the kind of imitation timepieces website that knows how to balance the 3 most important things in Internet shopping: good prices, decent product quality and friendly customer services. I am really anxious of finding more about this online store and I invite you all to join me on this replica watches website review.

replica watches
megawatch replica watches

Looks are important. There is no point in denying it, especially, when we’re talking about an e-shop. The first thing that we see, the homepage, is the thing that makes us conclude if a website is worth our attention or not. We tend to throw a quick look at the site to see if we should continue to browse the collection or simply exit the page. I know, it is superficial, but in most cases it turns out to be the wisest decision as professional companies tend to invest a lot of resources into their image, even on the Internet. In this case, doesn’t disappoint. It is a nicely designed website that is quite easy on the eye. And its looks are not the only thing that pleases with simplicity. The store is also very simple to navigate. The intuitive layout of the homepage is the main reason for this. On the top of the page there is a slim menu bar that has buttons for All Brands, Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, Blog and Contact Us. Basically, from here you can depart on your new replica watches shopping adventure. You can start searching for your much-sought after knockoff; discover more about imitations by reading the blog or find out important information about the company’s policies by contacting Customer Services. It all begins with just one click.

But there is more to the Homepage than utility and ease of access. It also fulfills its aesthetical purpose by including elegant promotional banners with a “20% discount for orders over $260”, two image buttons that organize the fake watches collection into Men and Women models so you can browse them quicker, a new products section on the lower part of the page, a brand Categories bar in the upper left side of the page and a Sale carousel in the lower left side. Everything is carefully displayed and located as to appeal to online replica shoppers who are on the lookout for their next great imitation timepiece.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that offers very affordable prices for all its fake watches. These days, you can hardly find an online store that sells clones under $250. Most of these Asian movement knockoffs cost over $250 so naturally when you come across a website like this one- that has reasonable prices- you tend to feel the need to appreciate it. I for one, I am quite impressed by the price-quality ratio of its products. The watches cost between $170-$250 and have really nice technical specifications. These are manufactured from solid stainless steel, have a high grade automatic movement, a sapphire crystal and a very authentic looking design.

The really neat thing about ordering products from this online replica store is that for orders over $260 you get 10% off. This discount is confirmed in the shopping cart. Right after you click on the “Add to Cart” button, you can access the shopping cart to view the name, price, stock availability and quantity of the ordered products. There is also a discount coupon box and an Update button for applying further discounts. Also, on the lower part of the Shopping Cart there is a section that mentions the shipping fee and the discount that has been applied to your order total.

On the bottom of the page there are the links to the most important informative sections of the site like Shipping, Return Policy, Guarantee and FAQ. Basically, here you will find the most crucial information for ensuring that the company is able to provide the policies, services and quality you need. Simply click on the Shipping button to find out what are the carriers and costs available for delivery. From what I can tell, this online store sends orders all around the world and it uses Express Air Mail. Usually, the estimated delivery time is about 7-10 business days. Naturally, all packages have a tracking number that can be used to trace its progress online. And the company needs about 2-3 business days to prepare the products for dispatch. The only thing I would improve here is adding a faster delivery option like UPS, DHL or TNT, something that allows you to pay extra and get your order faster like in 4-5 business days. offers a 14 days refund and exchange guarantee. This means that if you have received a replica watch that doesn’t meet your expectations you can simply contact the company’s representatives to request the details for sending it back. Depending on whether you want to get a refund or exchange, once the product is delivered to their headquarters you will be issued a refund or sent a new watch. If you experience any problems with the imitation timepiece after the first 14 days then you are in luck because the merchant is also able to repair the product under the terms and conditions of its 6 months warranty.

This replica store managed to surprise me in the most unexpected way. Its customer service is just what you need from an Internet shop. Quick, friendly and reliable. The live chat button was the first thing I noticed when entering the site. I was connected to one of their representatives named Olivia who was very nice and helpful. She explained everything to me and clarified all my questions regarding the return policy, shipping process, the quality of the watches and even how to place my order. It is not very often that I come across such decent customer services and it is only fair to mention it. If I may say, the email communication is also quite good as the answer usually comes back in a couple of hours or at least mine were always received promptly. The only thing I would add here would be a contact phone number, but as long as the emails are answered so quickly and professionally, I really do not mind.

Overall, I am quite pleased with Surprisingly, this online fake watches store knows exactly what to offer and say to ensure a superior degree of customer satisfaction. It appeals with a nicely designed website, it has a diversified selection of knockoffs, attractive prices, worldwide delivery, interesting discounts, a 14 days return policy, 6 months warranty and great customer care. Of course, there is still room for improvements, but I can say with confidence that it is a pretty good place for ordering a replica watch online, one that I would gladly recommend.

Watches purchased from this store:Rolex-YachtMaster-II-116681-Replica


The Minute Details: The Explorer II Replica ref 1655 Part I

When you spend countless hours comparing the smallest of details on a vintage Rolex Replica dial, you know you’re in deep. Deep into vintage Rolex watch collecting that is. Seasoned collectors know that the slightest details on a Rolex—whether the shape of a seconds hand, a distinct coronet, or the presence of T Swiss T—can make a huge difference on the value of a particular vintage Rolex watch. Today we delve into the inaugural Rolex Explorer II Replica, the ref. 1655 to find what design details can add (or take away) thousands of dollars to its value.

The Rolex Explorer II Replica 1655 is a vintage watch with a handful of variations.

But First, Some Replica Background Info

Rolex launched the Explorer II collection in 1971 as a larger and more robust follow up to the Explorer I. As always, Rolex carved out a niche target for the then-new tool watch. The Explorer II was destined for cave explorers. With the avid spelunker in mind, Rolex outfitted the Explorer II ref. 1655 with a generous 39mm stainless steel Oyster case, plenty of lume on the dial, and a large 24-hour hand with a corresponding 24-hour marked bezel. Essentially, speleologists spend plenty of time in the dark and can lose track of time quickly. So the 24-hour hand is a day-night indicator for wearers to quickly differentiate between am and pm.

The Explorer II Replica Freccione is a nickname that was earned for its bright 24-hour hand.

That first reference, the Explorer II ref. 1655 was in production from 1971 until 1984. It’s estimated that there are seven different dial variations for the Explorer II ref. 1655. In true vintage Rolex watch collecting style, those dials are generally classified as Mark I to Mark VII dials.

Also in vintage Rolex fashion, the Explorer II ref. 1655 picked up a couple of nicknames along the way. One of them is “Freccione,” which is Italian for arrow. This is of course in reference to the orange oversized arrow-tipped 24-hour hand. The other (highly contested) nickname is the “Steve McQueen” in reference to none other than the King of Cool himself. Legend has it that the famous actor and racecar enthusiast owned an Explorer II ref. 1655, hence the moniker. But today, that fact is yet to be proven, as there seems to be no photographic evidence. Regardless, the “Steve McQueen” is still widely used in collecting circles.

Here is one variation of the watch where the seconds hand is straight.

Explorer II 1655: Straight vs. Lollipop Seconds Hand

The earliest generation—Mark I—of the Explorer II ref. 1655 watches have a straight seconds hand. Rolex quickly replaced it with a so-called “lollipop” style seconds hand with a luminescent dot on it for better visibility in low light. As expected, the straight seconds hand versions of the Explorer II ref. 1655 are highly desirable and very valuable since they are from the first year of production.

How do you like the Explorer II ref 1655

Stay tuned for Part II or our in-depth look into the most valuable details on the Explorer II Replica ref. 1655.


watch compare rolex gmt master ii replica pepsi

Say the word “Pepsi” to an average person and more likely than not, they’ll picture a can of the famous sugary soda. Say the same name to a watch enthusiast, however, and their first thought will have nothing to do with a drink. Rather, they’ll likely imagine the equally famous Rolex pilot’s replica watch with a bi-color bezel. We are of course talking about the GMT-Master II watch where “Pepsi” is the nickname given to the iconic blue and red bezel. Rolex_GMT_replica

The Rolex Pepsi has been around since the GMT-Master’s debut in 1955. In fact, Rolex has made the blue and red bezel in Bakelite, aluminum, and now, ceramic. While today’s GMT-Master II is quite different to the ones of yesteryear, there are of course some common design traits and functionality. So let’s delve into comparing the older GMT-Master II Pepsi ref. 16710 with the newer and current GMT-Master II Pepsi ref. 116719BLRO.

Design: Old vs. New Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Pepsi

While we’ve been patiently hoping for a new stainless steel GMT-Master II Pepsi, Rolex’s current offering is a solid white gold model. That’s right, the latest iteration of the iconic GMT-Master originally made for Pan Am pilots to keep track of several time zones is now more luxury timepiece than tool watch.

From the 40mm Oyster case to the matching Oyster bracelet, the GMT-Master II ref. 116719BLRO is crafted almost entirely in 18k white gold. On the other hand, the older (and now discontinued) GMT-Master II ref. 16710 is built from the more rugged — and affordable — 904L stainless steel. Although on paper both models are 40mm, the white gold ref. 116719BLRO actually wears bigger thanks to the broader lugs and bulkier build.

White Gold Replica GMT-Master ref. 116719BLRO

Due to the nature of white gold, the bracelet of the GMT-Master II ref. 116719BLRO is of course heavier than its steel counterpart on the GMT-Master II ref. 16710. The new GMT-Master II also comes equipped with a more secure folding Oysterlock safety clasp and Easylink bracelet extension system.

The older Replica GMT-Master II ref. 16710 includes a Twinlock screw-down winding crown whereas the new GMT-Master II ref. 116719BLRO is outfitted with a Triplock one. However, regardless of the inclusion of the Triplock and the larger winding crown of the ref. 116719BLRO, its water resistance of 330 feet is still the same as the older ref. 16710.

For legibility in the dark, the new GMT-Master II ref. 116719BLRO boasts the new Chromalight Display luminosity, which glows blue for up to eight hours. Conversely, during its 18 years of production, the older GMT-Master ref. 16710 underwent several luminescent material changes. First with Tritium, followed by Luminova, finally ending with SuperLuminova.

Replica Rolex GMT-Masters II ref. 116719 BLRO

Caliber Comparison: Old vs. New Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi

The practical appeal of the GMT-Master II is the watch’s ability to indicate three separate time zones. This is due to the rotating 24-hour marked bezel used in conjunction with the extra 24-hour hand. So, center hour and minute hands for local time, 24-hour hand for the second-time zone, and the appropriate clicks of the bezel for the third time zone. Plus, there’s also the date window.

The majority of GMT-Master II ref. 16710 watches ran on the Rolex Caliber 3185. The exception to this are the very last models produced in 2007, which had the Caliber 3186 beating at its core. As the newest generation of the Rolex GMT-Master II, powering the Pepsi ref. 116719BLRO is the Caliber 3186. This particular caliber includes a Parachrom hairspring for increased resilience to daily knocks and temperature swings. Both the old and the new Replica GMT-Master II Pepsi offer about 48 hours of power reserve.

Old vs. New Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi Specs
  GMT-Master II GMT-Master II
Reference Number 116719BLRO 16710
Production Years 2014 – Present 1989-2007
Case Material 18k White Gold 904L Stainless Steel
Case Size 40mm 40mm
Bezel Blue and Red Ceramic Blue and Red Aluminum
Winding Crown Triplock Screw-Down Winding Crown Twinlock Screw-Down Winding Crown
Movement Caliber 3186 Caliber 3185
Last few models: Caliber 3186
Bracelet Oyster 18k White Gold Oyster 904L Stainless Steel
2000 and after, SEL
Clasp Folding Oysterlock safety clasp Fliplock clasp
Bracelet Expansion Easylink 5mm System 2000 and after, Easylink system on the SEL bracelets
Luminosity Blue Chromolight Display Tritium (1989 – 1997)
Luminova (1998 – 1999)
SuperLuminova (2000 – 2007)
Water Resistance 330 feet (100 meters) 330 feet (100 meters)
Retail Price $38,250 Secondary market: $8,000

Whilst we’ve certainly highlighted many differences between the new and old GMT-Master II Pepsi, no difference is as great as their price tags. It’s about a $30,000 difference! The 18k white gold GMT-Master II ref. 116719BLRO retails for a hefty $38,250, while one can be picked up in the secondary market for about $27,000. Since the ref. 16710 is discontinued, it can only be found in the secondary market with an average price of around $8,000.

For those lucky enough to own a Replica GMT-Master II Pepsi, whether in steel or in white gold, it’s often the favorite piece in a collection. And that’s not surprising considering its great looks, everyday practicality, and iconic status. The GMT-Master II red and blue Pepsi boasts a rich history and a bright future.


Impossible is Nothing. The Rolex GMT-Master II BLNR Replica

The Rolex Replica faithful are a tricky crowd to keep happy. It seems that every innovation brought out by the brand, of which there are plenty, keeps fans satisfied for a little while before the clamoring starts up again for the next big thing. The GMT-Master is a case in point. When the original version was released in 1953, it became the first watch to simultaneously display two time zones and was aimed very much at airline pilots—more precisely Pan Am, who collaborated on the design to help their long haul flyers deal with jet lag.

Rolex GMT-Master II BLNR Replica is a watch with a few upgrades over the years.

The two-tone bezel, half blue and half red, was an elegant way for wearers to determine between night and day at a glance and also gave the replica watch its signature look. An immediate success, the watch went through only relatively superficial upgrades over its lifespan until the ‘Fat Lady’ appeared in 1983, the unofficial nickname for the first of the new era of GMT-Master II’s. Sporting larger crown guards and a thicker case, it also debuted a new color scheme, this time a black and red surround that quickly became known as the ‘Coke’ bezel.

The Fat Lady introduced the GMT-Master II Replica to the public.

So far, so good. However, the anodized aluminum Rolex had been using for their bezels after the original Bakelite proved too brittle, while exceptionally strong, was still subject to scratching and fading over time. The solution was for the company to create their own replacement ceramic material, Cerachrom. Practically indestructible, Cerachrom is also unaffected by sunlight or the rigors of exposure to chlorinated or sea water.

While there are sections of Rolex replica watches fans and specifically GMT-Master collectors, who intentionally seek out the more weathered-looking models, other enthusiasts feel that if the unorthodox colors were the reason you chose the watch in the first place, you’d want them to stay as close to their original luster for as long as possible. (See? They’re tricky!)

The problem with the new ultra-tough Cerachrom was, it was a much more difficult material to work with and, according to Rolex themselves, impossible to add a bi-color scheme to. When the first of this new breed was unveiled in 2005, the much-loved ‘Coke’ and ‘Pepsi’ models, and the golden brown of the ‘Root Beer’, had been replaced with a uniformly black bezel.

The Rolex GMT-Master Replica Root Beer comes with a brown and creamy color bezel.

This anniversary edition, all gold with a dial in Fake Rolex’s trademark green, was beautifully elegant, but some felt this ‘Lunette Noire’ GMT (ref. 116718LN) was missing the very thing that made the piece so instantly recognizable in the first place. A two-tone bezel was very much conspicuous by its absence.

classic vintage replica rolex gmt master

Fake Rolex, Sponsor Of The 89th Academy Awards, Airs Movie Watch Appearance Montage During 2017 Oscars

Earlier this month Rolex announced its new sponsorship of the 89th Academy Awards, notably including the new backstage Oscars Greenroom for stars exiting and entering the stage, which was designed by cheap rolex replica Interior Design teams from Geneva, as well as the new appearance of a Rolex clock on the website.

The sponsorship deal apparently also gave Rolex access to the archives of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organizing body of the Oscars, as a one-minute clip shown during the broadcast of the Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles’ Dolby Theater made apparent (clip above).

classic vintage replica rolex gmt master
classic vintage replica rolex gmt master

Entitled “Celebrating Cinema,” the clip shows greats of the silver screen with Rolex watches from various memorable movie scenes. The clip even included a small scene from Titanic with the recently deceased Bill Paxton; his death was announced only hours before the 2017 Oscar ceremony began.

Other actors included in the clip are Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Peter Sellers, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Paul Newman (obviously), and Dennis Hopper. Sean Connery as James Bond is notably missing. It is not unimportant to note that these actors were not paid to wear these timepieces in the films, nor were they part of any larger product placement deal. These Rolex watches are simply part of cinematic history.

new fake rolex gmt master ii mens watch
new fake rolex gmt master ii mens watch

During the transmission of the Oscars in Germany, excerpts from the rolex gmt master replica clip featuring filmmaker James Cameron entitled “Every Rolex Tells A Story – James Cameron” was broadcast in some of the commercial breaks. His movie Titanic is tied for the most Oscar wins ever at eleven. Cameron has an ambassador relationship with the Genevan watch brand.