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Black Baton Dial Mens Rolex Milgauss Replica Review

If you are a classy man in search of a watch that suggests style and craftsmanship, you can never go wrong with a timepiece from the Rolex brand. A problem will only arise when you can’t raise enough cash to purchase one. Watches from Rolex come at a very high price thus affordable to only the high and mighty. You can, however, satisfy your desires by going after a replica such as the Black Baton Dial Mens Rolex Milgauss Replica which will get you covered.

The knockoff respects most of the recent trends in matters of design and will, therefore, put you in the spotlight every time you step out in it. With this watch, you’ll outshine everyone and stand out at that cocktail party!

Black Baton Dial Mens Rolex Milgauss Replica
Black Baton Dial Mens Rolex Milgauss Replica

Specifications of Black Baton Dial Mens Rolex Milgauss Replica

There’s nothing as disappointing as wasting your hard earned money on a replica that you’ll end up using for a short time due to its poor functionality and appearance. To avoid this, ensure that you go through all the essential features of the knockoff you wish to purchase before you pay for it.

That said, these are the features of the Black Baton Dial Mens Rolex Milgauss Replica luxury watch

The Dial

The replica has a black baton dial with contrasting white and orange bar like hour markers, white hour hands, and orange second hand. The contrast gives the watch a very stunning and classic look. One that would make you stand out even when in the presence of other Rolex wearers.

Black Baton Dial Mens Rolex Milgauss Replica
Black Baton Dial Mens Rolex Milgauss Replica

The contrast also makes it possible for you to read the time on your watch even when in dark or poorly illuminated rooms. A look at this watch and you’ll agree that wearing it will make you the man of the moment. You’ll stand out.

The Rolex crown logo comes positioned at the 60th-minute marker just like in the original watch for originality purposes. The name Rolex also come engraved around the dial for authenticity reasons. People will have a difficult time telling the replica and the original apart.

A transparent sapphire crystal encloses the dial enabling you to read its content with ease and also keeping it free from dust and water damage. The crystal also gives the replica a stunning look and always shines brightly whenever it comes into contact with a ray of light.

The Case

The knockoff has a stainless steel case with a polished stainless steel cutwork screw-in crown. The screw in crown helps in setting the time on your watch and also encloses it keeping it safe from water damage. The crown has the Rolex logo that gives it authenticity.

The screw in the crown has three small dots indicating that it is water resistant and will remain in good shape even at 300 feet under water. You should know that the watch is only water resistant and not waterproof. You should therefore never expose it to too much water if you intend to use it for a long time.

The knockoff has a polished stainless steel push in case back with Rolex Oyster Milgauss engraving. The case rear helps in enclosing the watch and also in keeping your replica safe from water or dust damage.


The Black Baton Mens Rolex Milgauss Replica watch has a round green bezel. The green color constitutes to this timepiece’s classic and unique design. The stunning overall look of the knockoff is as a result of this bezel. Get this fake watch, and you’ll automatically fall in love with it.


The replica has an automatic movement that ensures that you get all the luxury that you want. With this watch, you won’t have to keep on winding it from time to time to get accurate readings on your watch. Wear the knockoff regularly and worry about nothing more. If you are the forgetful type, get yourself this timepiece.

Black Baton Dial Mens Rolex Milgauss Replica
Black Baton Dial Mens Rolex Milgauss Replica


The replica has a polished stainless steel three linked bracelet just like the original. The bracelet has a push in clasp with the Rolex logo for authenticity reasons. The bracelet fits comfortably on the wrist while giving you an outstanding look at the same time. With this replica, you do not have to look for another accessory.

Black Baton Mens Rolex Milgauss Customer Satisfaction

This Black Baton Mens Rolex Milgauss Replica watch will give you all the attention. With it, you’ll never go unnoticed. The knockoff will compliment your all your classic outfits and enable you to command respect from all your peers.

This knockoff will enable you to run your daily errands on time and also allow you to attend important meetings on time.

Bottom Line

This Black Baton Mens Rolex Milgauss replica is a watch worth the purchase. The fact that it’s one of the most sought timepieces in the marketplace today proves it all. Save the many dollars you would spend on one watch and get this replica instead.


The Reference 116400GV Rolex Milgauss Replica with Z-Blue Dial

Rolex is known throughout the world for their highly competent sport replica watches and their luxurious, status-symbol timepieces. However, one watch falls into neither category and remains somewhat of a black sheep among the Rolex lineup. The anti-magnetic Milgauss possesses special features that tailor it to one specific use – much like Rolex’s professional series of sport fake watches; however, its overall styling is much more in-line with Rolex’s other, more traditional offerings.

The Milgauss Z-Blue Dial is an intriguing replica watch for its unique origin, design, and purpose.

The Rolex Milgauss 116400GV Replica

The unique Milgauss collection made for those exposed to magnetic fields. The watch achieves its magnetic resistance by encasing its movement within a Faraday cage, which thoroughly protects its delicate inner-workings from potentially harmful magnetic forces acting upon it. Although impressive from a technological standpoint, relatively few people actually required the anti-magnetic capabilities of the Milgauss, and as a result, it took a backseat position to Rolex’s more popular Submariner and GMT-Master lines of replica watches.

ere is an ancestor of the current Milguass

Despite its poor initial sales and slightly obscure intended purpose, the Milgauss has lingered as an offering in the Rolex catalogue and is still in production today. Although it has not seen nearly as many reference revisions as other lines of Rolex watches, the Milgauss has undergone a number of various upgrades and updates throughout the years that it has remained in production.

A 50th Anniversary of the Milgauss

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of their anti-magnetic watch, Rolex released a special version of their Milgauss that – like many of Rolex’s other anniversary pieces – employed a bit of green-colored flair. For the anniversary edition, this took the form of a green-tinted sapphire crystal. As this trait was entirely unique to the Milgauss, it quickly became a major selling point for Rolex’s line of anti-magnetic watches, and was subsequently carried over onto the new, non-anniversary edition of the Milgauss.

Here is the face of the Rolex Milgauss 116400GV

At Baselworld 2014, Rolex replica released another version of the reference 116400GV Milgauss – this time with an electric blue dial. Like the 50th anniversary edition that introduced the 116400GV reference number, the new, non-anniversary Milgauss also featured a green-tinted sapphire crystal fitted over the dial’s surface.

Milgauss Z-Blue Dial

Other than the bright blue dial, which Rolex calls Z-Blue, the new reference 116400GV Milgauss is entirely identical to the anniversary edition that was released several years prior. With that in mind, the bright, metallic color of the Z-Blue dial results in a significantly different watch than the 50th anniversary edition Milgauss that goes by the same reference number.

As a color for watch dials, blue is almost as classic and versatile as the more traditional tones of black, white, and silver. However, the color blue also excels at being able to appear slightly more casual and eccentric, without simultaneously risking the danger of coming off as too informal or outlandish in appearance.

Although the Milgauss does not get as much attention as many of Rolex’s other watch lines, it is truly unique among their various offerings. Although it falls somewhere between a tool watch, a dress watch, and a sport watch, the Milgauss is a highly practical choice, as it combines 100 meters of water resistance with unparalleled ant-magnetic capabilities. With its striking Z-Blue dial, lightning bolt-shaped seconds hand, and mesmerizing green sapphire crystal, the reference 16400GV is easily one of the most visually distinct watches that Rolex has ever put forward.

Making the Case for the Pre-owned Luxury Replica Watch

In that far off mystical land of Money-No-Object, everything we own would be sparkly and shiny and brand spanking new.

In the same way that we all know nothing smells quite as good as a new car straight out of the showroom, is there anything to match the feeling of being the first person to snap the clasp on a box-fresh luxury fake watch?

However, just as you can practically see a new car’s value plummet with each tick of the odometer, high-end luxury timepieces also suffer from a predictable, if not quite so dramatic, depreciation once they’ve left the shop floor.

The story is the same with cheap replica watches.

The discrepancy in cost between brand new and second hand has been driving a huge upsurge in the secondary market for the luxury replica watch market in the last few years, together with a few other excellent, and much less mercenary, reasons.

Pre-Owned Versus Brand New

Let’s get the financial benefits out of the way first.

When a watch goes from being ‘new’ to being ‘pre-owned’, it inherently depreciates.

One example is the Rolex Daytona Replica ref 116500.

While that’s a bummer for the first owner, it’s good news for the savvy collector, who can let the other guy take that initial financial hit before buying the watch for a fraction of its original price. It means a wider world of more exotic pieces is open to you than would otherwise be possible if you had your heart set on only buying brand new.

Also, unlike cars, which (with a few ultra rare exceptions), drop off a fiscal cliff and just keep dropping, fine watches will generally lose a certain amount of their value and then level off. Buying pre-owned, when the worst of the depreciation has been shouldered by someone else, means there’s much less of a sting if you decide you want to sell your watch on again in the future.

Depending on a number of factors, such as rarity or the desirability of the brand, you could even find you’re selling the piece for more than shelled out on it.


Another great reason for opting to go the pre-owned route is there’s a much stronger chance of you ending up with a watch that no one else has. Various models drop out of production at different times, and the piece you’ve coveted for years might no longer be available as a brand new buy. The second-hand market then becomes the only place you’re going to find your favourite watch, and the extra effort it takes to track it down, plus the shortage of supply, makes it more unlikely you’ll meet anyone with a matching wrist.

What To Look Out For

As with anything involving high-value items, the soaring popularity of the pre-owned watch market has brought with it a soaring reputation for fakes, scams and various shady carryings-on. Where there’s profit to be made, you can be assured that the less reputable element won’t be far behind.

Just as you wouldn’t (we hope!) buy a car or house without first doing a significant amount of research, it’s vital you approach the process of buying a pre-owned watch cautiously.

With counterfeit pieces being made that are now so convincing even trained watchmakers are having trouble spotting them, you have to be able to trust your vendor implicitly. Watches that come complete with the original box and papers are always preferable, as are those with a documented service history.

Here are two Rolex Replica Watches. While this is a very obvious example, there are many replicas difficult to identify.

Even if the cheap replica watch you’ve set your sights on is the genuine item, that doesn’t mean all your potential problems just disappear. When buying a used car, a gleaming paint job has disguised many a lemon and will do nothing to prevent the transmission dropping out the bottom five miles down the road. Similarly, just because your genuine pre-owned timepiece looks great, you don’t know what’s going on beneath the surface, and if you’re buying online, there’s no way to check.

From borrowed, inferior parts to water corrosion on the movement, this is another reason to steer clear of anything that seems too good to be true and stick only to recognised and well-established dealers.

At Bob’s Watches, all of our watches are certified as 100% authentic and serviced only with genuine Rolex parts, with a full refund guarantee.

Wear and Tear

When you’re buying a pre-owned watch, its age and type should tell you a lot about the number of dents and scratches you should expect to find. A 20-year old Submariner, for example, will likely have had a harder life than a 5 year-old Milgauss, and that will be reflected in the wear and tear on the case, as well as in the price. You will have to decide for yourself how many scuffs and scrapes are too many, but always try to take emotion out of it. Any damage you can see on the outside could very easily have been felt on the inside too.

Some watches can increase in value over time with highly desireable “defects”.

Careful examination is paramount as is, again, the reputation and reputability of the dealer.

It’s also worth remembering that, compared to a brand new model, older watches will take more looking after and it’s a good idea to have them serviced more frequently than their modern day counterparts.

Summing Up

The advantages of buying a pre-owned luxury watch are pretty clear. An increase in buying power opens the door to options that would have remained otherwise closed, along with the chance of landing yourself a rare gem that you’re unlikely to encounter anywhere else. Choose carefully, research thoroughly and you can end up with not only a stunning timepiece but a very sound investment as well.

replica rolex milgauss

When Your Gold Cheap Imitation Rolex Isn’t Cool Enough You Do This

In the luxury imitation watch world, black is the new gold.

More and more owners of shiny new fake rolex watches – whether stainless steel, yellow gold or platinum – are paying thousands of dollars more to turn their luxury timepieces jet black. And that’s meant strong growth for a London-based company that’s pioneered a new technology to black out the priciest timepieces.

“One of the reasons why someone might turn their Rolex black – particularly if it’s a gold watch or platinum watch – might be that they don’t necessarily want everybody to know it’s a gold or platinum watch. Perhaps they want to be under the radar, less ostentatious,” Luke Waite, founder of London-based high-end watch customizer Titan Black, told CNBC’s “Secret Lives of the Super Rich.”

Indeed, the black watch trend is part of the broader boom in blacked-out bling – from Rolls Royce’s new Black Badge models to high-end black watches from Richard Mille, Breitling and other brands.

At Titan, high-end watches are not painted, but rather treated with a “diamond-like carbon” (DLC) coating. The chemical reaction ultimately turns the metal ebony, giving the watch similar properties to that of a diamond: from hardness and durability to scratch-resistance and captivating black finish. And today’s wealthy want watches that are unique.

replica rolex milgauss
replica rolex milgauss

“The consumer has become more aware of the ability to customize exactly what they want – as opposed to being dictated to by the brand,” Waite said.

While the company specializes in customizing discount imitation rolex milgauss watch with white color dial, its artisans have also added bespoke features to other luxury timepieces – from Panerai to Audemars Piguet – including changing every single marker on a watch face to the color of a client’s choice. They’ll even swap out the dial altogether to a custom color not offered by the manufacturer.

One of Titan’s clients requested a 24K gold skull carved into the face of his $18,000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. It took a master engraver more than 35 hours to create the masterpiece by hand.

“The face alone is worth upwards of $10,000,” Luke’s brother, Titan Black director Ben Waite, told CNBC. “We only make one of each dial… [each is] completely unique and one-of-a-kind,” he explained.

Another custom touch is achieved when Titan artisans transform a watch face by sprinkling colorful layers of powdered enamel onto it. The powdery design is then literally baked onto the face. It’s a process that can require dozens of firings in a kiln that tops 1,400 degrees, transforming the colorful grains of enamel into a shiny porcelain watch face.

The company’s most elaborate transformation started as a $30,000 white gold Rolex Daytona. A member of the Middle Eastern royal family asked Titan Black to carve a family member’s Arabic name into the watch face and illuminate in blue light. To fulfill the royal request, Titan engineered a patent-pending micro-lighting system, tiny enough to fit inside the replica rolex milgauss stainless steel automatic men’s watch‘s housing and made it controllable with the press of the chronograph button.

“It was the most complicated and intricate project we’ve ever developed,” Luke Waite said.

The changes cost Titan’s client an additional $40,000 – ticking the cost of the Swiss timekeeper north of $70,000.

The royals were so impressed with the results, they ordered two more for other family members bringing their Titan tab to more than $200,000.

rolex oyster perpetual datejust

Auction Preview: Auctionata’s Copy Rolex Only, Berlin, December 28

Keep time with the best of them with this auction featuring some of the most sought after models from the giant of the watch world: copy rolex. Featuring classic models, such as a 1986 Air-King Precision, a 2008 Milgauss, and a c. 1970 Datejust, you will be hard pressed to decide on the perfect caliber for your wrist.

rolex oyster perpetual datejust
rolex oyster perpetual datejust

What: Sale of Rolex Only

Where: Online

When: December 28, 7pm CET

Top lots of the sale:

copy rolex daytona
copy rolex daytona

* Copy Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss, Switzerland, 2007/2008, Movement: automatic movement, caliber 3131, hour, minute, second, movement no.: 31959354, condition 1, Dial: signed black dial, silver and orange colored hands and indexes with luminescent mass, condition 1, Weight: 157.8 g.

*Copy Rolex Datejust, Ref. 6031, Switzerland, Around 1947, Automatic movement, calibre 10 ½‘’’; 19 jewels, hour, minute, second, date, Black dial, gold Dauphine hands, Watch case of stainless steel and gold, Brown alligator leather strap with original pin buckle, Total weight: 58 g.

*Copy Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II, Switzerland, 2002/2003, Movement: automatic movement, caliber 3185, hour, minute, second, date, movement no.: 39657410, condition 3, Dial: signed black dial, silver hands and indexes with luminescent mass, condition 1, Weight: 124.1 g.

*Copy Rolex Explorer II, Switzerland, c. 2000, Automatic movement, calibre 3185, adj. 5; 31 jewels, hour, minute, second, date, 2nd timezone, Black dial, silver luminescent Mercedes hands, Total weight: 124 g.

*Copy Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II, Switzerland, 2001, Movement: automatic movement, caliber 3185, hour, minute, second, date, movement no.: 90078040, condition 3, Dial: signed white dial, black hands and indexes with luminescent mass, condition 1, Weight: 123.8 g.